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10 Cute Date Ideas In Tuscaloosa

Are you stuck wondering where to take your date in Tuscaloosa? Ditch the typical “dinner and a movie.” From riverboat rides, to paintball, there’s plenty of unique date ideas to go the extra mile. Check out these 10 awesome date ideas in Tuscaloosa, Alabama!

1. An evening under the stars at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater.

Nothing bonds two people together more than music! Change it up and take your date to a concert in the perfect Tuscaloosa weather. Lay down a blanket, sit back and jam together!

2. Breakfast at Edgar’s. (Sorry Tiffany’s, you’ve been replaced!)

Be unique and head to a restaurant gem in Tuscaloosa, Edgar’s Bakery and Cafe! Edgar’s has incredible coffee and even better food. Not only are the items on the menu great, but there is also a great vibe in the restaurant that makes you feel instantly comfortable and at home.


3. Get some fresh air at Hurricane Creek.

A beautiful location near campus, Hurricane Creek leaves plenty of room for opportunity on your date! You can relax by the water, hike the trail, or even have a study date on the rocks. The possibilities are endless!

4. Add some color to your date by playing paintball!

Right down the road from campus is an outdoor paintball arena called “Splat Zone.” Paintball is a unique, fun way to get competitive with your date! Before you go, make sure to warn them to wear clothes that are going to get ruined!

5. Who doesn’t love dessert? Stop by the cutest ice cream and market in T-Town!

The key to anyone’s heart is through their stomach! Head over to Ingram Farms Market & Ice Cream Shop to pick out pumpkins or get some classic BlueBell icecream! (Oh, and they take Bama Cash!)


6. Stay classic and go the Bama Belle Riverboat.

Prefer to go down a more romantic path? Follow up your dinner date by taking a ride on the Bama Belle Riverboat. Take in the beautiful Alabama nature and enjoy the ride! It’s classic, because its still one of the cutest date ideas in Tuscaloosa!


7. No better date than a game day date!

Everyone knows the best days in Tuscaloosa are game days! Why not enjoy your love of football and the Tide with the person you’re interested in? Tailgate, cheer, and celebrate with your date, it’s a good time for sure!

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8. Fresh food & fresh air at the Riverwalk.

Head to the Tuscaloosa Farmer’s Market to get some fresh, locally produced food before you head down to the Riverwalk! The beautiful Riverwalk is a perfect setting for a classic picnic, especially as weather is beginning to cool down for the fall.

9. Always something different at the Bama Theatre Downtown.

The Bama Theatre is constantly showing something different. At this historic, classic location, enjoy an evening watching a play, seeing a movie, or even a talent show! It is always a surprise when headed to the Bama Theatre, but well worth it!

10. This one is for the adrenaline junkies!

Want to face fears and make your heart start racing? Head over to Lake Nicol and go cliff jumping! Hike up to a comfortable point on the mountain, don’t look down, and take a leap of faith!


What are your favorite cute date ideas in Tuscaloosa? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Alana Doyle

Originally from the west coast, but currently residing in the heart of the South, Alana Doyle is a PR student at The University of Alabama. When not binge eating mac and cheese, watching dog/kid/old people videos, and attempting to become a gym addict, she is out traveling the South and attending as many music festivals and concerts as humanly possible. However, the college budget makes this limited, along with a college wardrobe, so she normally sticks to big t-shirts and shorts. It's all okay with her though, as she is still a (self-proclaimed) Cards Against Humanity champ.

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