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6 Cute Date Ideas For Cool Fall Days

6 Cute Date Ideas For Cool Fall Days

Autumn will be rolling in soon, bringing cold weather and the potential for romantic dates along with it, so we don’t want you to get stuck in a rut when it comes to date ideas. Here are 6 ideas that will help break you out of that boring date night routine and turn it into a night you’ll never forget! 

1. Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Visit a local pumpkin patch to pick up a cute pumpkin while you snuggle into your significant other’s arms. Take your time to walk through the rows, converse, and pick one (or a few) that you both love. Use the moment to take some pictures together for each other’s Instagram or to keep for yourselves. Some pumpkin patches even have multiple attractions that would be fun to participate in together such as a corn maze, hay rides, and more! This date will provide you both with plenty of opportunities for kisses and affection. 


2. Coffee/Dessert Shop Date

A coffee shop or dessert shop can be a rather charming and intimate place for a date. Grab a cup of coffee to stay warm, cuddle against each other and talk, or bring a laptop or tablet to stream a movie on Netflix while you enjoy a sweet confection. Simply Google shops that specialize in coffee or baked goods, that aren’t a chain like Starbucks (for intimacy), where you can hang out and enjoy each other’s company. What could be better than staying warm and eating sweets with your sweet?


3. Have A Horror Movie Night

One way to be sure you’ll be cuddled up is to host a horror movie night. Have them bring over some of their favorite horror movies or take turns streaming both of your favorites. Pop some popcorn, bring out your favorite candy, and prepare some blankets and pillows so you can get cozy together. The closer to Halloween you plan this date, the more perfect the mood will be! If you aren’t a horror movie person, try gathering a bunch of really bad horror movies or horror parodies to laugh at and make fun of. Either way, you and your bae can comfort each other all night long.


4. Spend A Night Under The Stars

Pack a picnic, bundle up, and have a romantic time stargazing in your own backyard. Turn off your phones, break out the wine, then talk to each other about everything you can think of. Keep it light with a game of 20 questions or by asking them about their thoughts about you when you two first met. Get them to open up about things they like too. If you would rather just chill together, enjoy the picnic and play some video games or board games under the stars. The key is to do something that you will both enjoy while devoting your attention to each other.

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5. Carving Pumpkins Together

After you’ve spent a day hunting down pumpkins together in the pumpkin patch, or your local grocery store, grab a carving kit and start carving! Use templates to carve cute faces into the side of your pumpkins or carve each other’s pumpkins with a surprise. If you’d prefer, you could freehand designs like each other’s names to create a more personalized look for your pumpkins. This activity is bound to be adorable, fun, and messy so plan an outfit you won’t mind getting dirty.  


6. Spend A Day Camping

Set up a tent, bring a sleeping bag, and get your hiking boots on for a day of camping! Nothing can compare to the crisp Autumn air while you are out enjoying everything nature has to offer. Plan a trail to hike or bike together for some fun. When it gets dark, start up a campfire and roast some gooey s’mores. You’ll have fun cuddling around the fire and getting to know each other better. Since it’s cooler during the Fall, you won’t be bothered by pesky mosquitoes, and you won’t have to worry about getting sweaty or uncomfortable. It’ll just be the two of you and the beauty of nature.  

Which date idea from this list are you planning for your next date night? Share with us in the comments section below!

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