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10 Cute Date Ideas Around UNC

10 Cute Date Ideas Around UNC

We usually get lost in our books and forget what it means to socialize. Here are ten places that you and your special someone can check out before getting back to midterms, papers and projects. Keep reading for some great cute date ideas around UNC to start you off around our campus.

1. Get to know your special someone with a picnic at Coker Arboretum.

If you don’t like the outdoors this is STILL the place for you. North Carolina has such beautiful flowers and several people make sure that the arboretum is kept up with regularly. This spot serves as a good place for a picnic and to sit and really get to know your partner.


2. Stroll through Carrboro’s Farmers’ Market.

You can find great food, flowers, and crafts. Carrboro is definitely Chapel Hill’s cute, hip little sister.



3. Grab dinner at Lantern on Franklin Street.

Lantern on Franklin Street has some of the best reviews. Walking on Franklin then into this restaurant just sets you up for a nice evening. Put the phones away and actually go on a date here.

4. Go star gazing at Jordan Lake.

It’s free and just about as romantic as it gets.


5. Food truck “hop” in Carrboro.

Food truck hopping in Carrboro is tons of fun. You can get something from each and it fits the college student’s budget. Carrboro is at the end of Franklin and it’s the hippest town around. You can get authentic food made by genuine locals.

6. Enjoy a night of laughter in “The Cave”.

Located on Franklin Street. Comedy Shows aren’t your typical date night, but go try it to change things up. It’ll be fun-ny.


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7. Talk over a cup of coffee at Café Driade.

The triangle has some of the best coffee shops in the state, but that’s my opinion. Café Driade in Chapel Hill is hidden behind an old art gallery. Of course the coffee is amazing, but the layout is also just as great. There are tables set inside and outside behind the shop. The tables spread into the woods and you can really just talk over coffee here. It’s cozy, quaint, and great all around.


8. Grab dinner while watching a movie at Silverspot Cinema.

Silverspot Cinema is located at University Place Mall. What makes this movie theater so great? It’s efficient. You can order food, eat, and watch a movie all at the same time. Also the seating is way better than regular movie theaters.


9. See a play at Playmakers Theatre.

Go see a show at Playmakers Theatre. “One of America’s leading theatre companies.” The shows are all amazing and unique. There are shows for everyone’s taste and they go on year round.


10. Take a convenient walk to the Ackland Art Museum.

Ackland Art Museum is open for everyone and has a great variety of art on display. The Art ranges from old paintings to digital graphics. Ackland is on campus and easy for all students to get to by walking.

What are some other cute date ideas around UNC? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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