10 Cute Date Ideas Around Mizzou


Come on tigers it is time to spice up that love life of yours. Whether it’s your long time sweet heart or your first date, Columbia is filled with dates that will surely impress. So let your inner tiger lose and take a look at these cute date ideas around Mizzou.

1. Get moving and go for a hike at Rockbridge State Park!

There is so much you can do around Mizzou. Rockbridge state park has miles of hiking with sightseeing along the way. Do a quick trip to Devils Ice Box, or a longer hike out to the rock bridge. Then comes the renowned Pinnacles. This is not a hike for those afraid of heights. Lastly is Finger Lakes. This one comes with hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and even a small swimming beach. Get out there. Get moving. Get sweaty.

2. Views, wine and great food at Les Bourgeois Vineyards.

This vineyard is a two in one. You can visit the Bistro for an evening of amazing views and romance. You can sit in the warm Missouri breeze looking over the Missouri river eat food from an award winning winery. The second part is the A-Frame. This is a quaint little over look right above the river. It has a more down to earth vibe providing everything from sandwiches to cheese boards, wine tasting, and the occasional live music. The A-Frame even connects to the Katy Trail if you want to tack on a romantic riverside ride. It is picture perfect for cute date ideas around Mizzou.



3. Go to a drive in movie in Moberly!

Why be boring and go to a basic movie theater when you can impress you sweetheart with your out of the box ideas. Columbia Parks and Rec will do movies in Cosmo park. They have all of Disney’s best new movies from “Inside Out” to “Star Wars”. Just grab a blanket, popcorn and snuggle up. Once it gets too cool for that, jump in your car and take a trip up to Moberly Drive In Theater. This will be all the nostalgia of the 50’s, with the newest movie releases. If outdoors is not your thing, take your cutie over to Ragtag. This theater shows outstanding independent films that you don’t get to see in a regular theater. It not only shows great films but it has a quaint bakery (Up rise Bakery) located right inside.



4. Stargazing at Laws Observatory.

Everyone has been stargazing, but have you ever seen the surface of the moon or been able to spot Saturn in the sky? Take a trip up to the Laws Observatory on top of the Astronomy & Physics building. You get a chance to look through the telescope and see so much more than just the stars. It has to be the most unique of the cute date ideas around Mizzou. It is open every Wednesday night from 8-10pm, with special openings for events such as a solar eclipse or meteor shower.

5. Ice cream tasting at Sparky’s.

You can never go wrong with food, especially ice cream! Go down town to 9th street and stop by Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream. With flavors from strawberry to maple mocha to even lavender honey, there is something for everyone. Why not get more than one!

6. Picnic on the quad.

Don’t have time to travel far, or don’t have much money? Cute date ideas around Mizzou don’t have to be expensive. Here’s the solution for you. A picnic sitting under the columns. This is always a bucket list item. All you need is a blanket, a basket, and food. Stop by Lucky’s Market to get everything: fresh fruit, sandwiches, and even handmade smoothies. Then you are all set for an afternoon with your sweetie.



See Also

7. See one of your favorite bands play at The Blue Note.

Being the top music venue in mid-Missouri it has hosted some of the most well-known artists. They have had everyone from Snoop Dog to Hunter Hayes, and the latest being Mike Posner. They host throwback events, and holiday themed parties. Their outdoor 9th street concerts are a must see. Tickets are usually around $25.


8. Dinner with a view at Roof Top.

This roof top bar has the single best view of down own Columbia. It has outdoor seating that features fire pits and couches. With a wide variety of food and drinks you could be there all evening. FYI the flourless chocolate cake is a must try.

9. Get Artsy at Canvas on Broadway!

Columbia being a town of thriving artists is bound to have places where an armature can get their hands dirty. The Canvas on Broadway has evenings where they teach you how to paint. You would be surprised at your skills. Make sure to sign up ahead of time, because they do get full. There is also the Mud Room. This one is a true Columbia classic. If you are brave you can test your skills at making pottery, or take the easier route and choose a pre-made pottery piece.

10. Get a slice at Shakespeare’s Pizza.

Last but certainly not least is the tried and true. Shakespeare’s has been ranked top in pizza restaurants for college town. I will say their place on this list was well earned. This pizza is live no other you will get in Columbia. The interior is brick, rendered to look just like the original. Go for a dinner date, of just an afternoon pizza by the slice. Either way your taste buds are in good hands.



What are some other fun and cute date ideas around Mizzou? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: favim.com