12 Cute Date Ideas Around Case Western Reserve

Are you a student at Case Western Reserve University and find yourself in a desperate need for some date ideas? Look no further! From concerts to museums, there’s plenty do. Keep reading for 10 cute date ideas around Case Western Reserve.

1. Take pictures in the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

It’s filled with beautiful plants, but that’s not all. There’s a wooded boardwalk (which is perfect for a stroll), the Garden Café and Store, a Glasshouse (where you can step into the rainforests of Costa Rica and the spiny dessert of Madagascar), and more! Be on the lookout for a few of each environment’s exotic animals as well.

2. Eat in Little Italy.

There are so many restaurants to try and they’re located so close to campus. Are you in the mood for tea and pastries? Try Algebra Tea House. If you like pizza, there’s Valentino’s, Mama Santa’s, and La Pizzeria. If you want dessert, try Presti’s Bakery or Corbo’s Bakery and Cafe. Do you like Mediterranean and Italian food? Try Mia Bella. Lots of options, with varying prices.

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3. But don’t just focus on food—there are other events too, like the Little Italy Art Walk.

If you like art and the idea of participating in exhibitions, receptions, discussions, and lessons, interests you, be on the lookout for this event that occurs on the weekends during the months of June, October, and December.

4. Eat in Uptown for the classics.

Uptown has quite a few chains that you may know and love, like Chipotle, Panera, Jimmy John’s and Potbelly. There may be some new faces as well.

5. I highly recommend seeing a production at the Eldred Theater.

It may be a smaller stage, but that’s what makes the experience more intimate. With your Case ID, tickets are usually $5.

6. And don’t forget about the productions that are put on in the Eldred Theater Blackbox.

Located under the Eldred Green Room, there are many free productions put on by the Players’ Theatre Group (an organization on campus whose plays are directed and performed by students) and IMPROVment (check them out on Saturday nights) in this space.

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7. See a performance at Severance Hall.

If you become a member of the Student Advantage Program, tickets are as low as $15. Check them out here!

8. Have a classic movie night!

See a movie at Tower City Cinemas (located downtown in Tower City), Shaker Square Cinemas (located in Shaker Square), or the Cedar Lee Theatre (in Cleveland Heights) if you’re in the mood to see an independent film or feel like delving into the classics.

All three options are about a 20, 15, and 10-minute bus ride away from campus, respectively.

9. Attend events at the Cleveland Museum of Art, such as the Chalk Festival, MIX at CMA, and International Cleveland Community Day.

While some events charge for admission, there are still quite a few that are free.

10. Attend concerts at CIM.

Support CIM students and also see renowned performers!

These concerts are usually free, unless stated otherwise.


11. Grab some coffee at the UC Coffee House.

It may have coffee in its name, but that’s not the only thing that this place offers. There’s tea, pastries, and more, as well as study rooms on the second floor.

One of many cute date ideas around Case Western Reserve!

12. Visit Coventry for great places to eat and shop.

While you’re there, check out the underground music scene at the Grog Shop.


…….Or, you could always attend the various events that will be put on throughout the year, right on campus. There will be concerts, dances, and tons of events with free food (and other free stuff). There’s plenty of cute date ideas around Case Western Reserve! So grab your date and check them out!

What are other cute date ideas around Case Western Reserve? Comment below and share the article!
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Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith is a student at Case Western Reserve University and will be a sophomore in fall 2016. She is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Policy and Japanese. She enjoys watching movies, dancing, going to the gym, reading, writing and theater arts.