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Cute Crochet Pieces To Amp Your Style Up

Cute Crochet Pieces To Amp Your Style Up

Cute Crochet Pieces To Amp Your Style Up

One of the hottest clothing trends this summer has given us so far is crochet. The return of the crochet pieces is reminiscent of a time during the ’60s of hippie culture and gives off the cutest bohemian vibe. You’ll definitely want to stock your closet with a few key crochet clothing items, which especially fit the beachy vibe of the summer!

1. Crochet Skirt

I recently purchased a crochet skirt from SheIn and it made for the perfect coverup. I also would wear this skirt to a festival with a bathing suit underneath as a cute outfit idea. A skirt like this one is perfect for those who want their coverups to look cute but still will pass as actual clothing if need be. I am impartial to wearing this skirt over my bottoms with my bikini top as the “shirt.” It works perfectly for a beach-inspired outfit that looks adorable without putting effort into the look. It’s also good to wear for a brunch before heading to tan or when you want to lounge around but not in your heavy clothing.

2. High Neck Crochet Top

You may have previously owned a top like this but threw it out because it went out of style. However, since crochet pieces are back and better than ever, you may want to reinvest in one before the summer is over. A crochet top with a high neck is a cute summer look that has intricate detailing and spices up your style without too much going on. You can throw this top on with a pair of jean shorts or with a pair of flowy linen pants for a summer style that is ageless. A crochet top with a high neck gives off a classy, yet free look that everyone wants to achieve this summer. It can be paired with almost anything and fit almost any vibe you are going for at the time.


3. Crochet Cover-Up Pants

Another great pair of pants to wear over your bikini before heading poolside that can also double as real pants if you’re feeling wild. Crochet pants are airy enough that it won’t feel like you’re actually wearing pants in the 98-degree weather, but can also cover your terribly sunburnt legs if need be. I recently purchased a pair that has a color-blocked brown style at the bottom, which gives them a little extra flair that I crave when buying crochet things. They also are great to wear out to stores that require you to be fully clothed before entering. We all know the pain of wanting to go in somewhere that insists you put your sandy clothing on before entering, so get some crochet pants to ease the struggle for yourself.

4. Crochet Mini Dress

Nothing screams Coachella and Woodstock more than a crochet dress with bell sleeves. A dress like this can be worn at any hour and still look absolutely stunning. When you are tan in the summer, you want nothing more than to wear white clothing to show off the contrast between your newly tanned skin and also make you look like a beach goddess. Throw on a pair of platform sandals and wear neutral undergarments to make it a night look that is breathable and still cute. Either way, it is a versatile piece that I will be immediately adding to my cart after I finish this article.

5. Crochet Shorts

Crochet shorts may be a tricky piece for people because they aren’t sure how they will look when on. But, I am here to tell you they are so cute and breathable that you won’t even care what they look like when on. Gone are the days that you wear running shorts and an oversized tee to the shore because crochet is your new best friend. The open weave allows for the breeze to reach you without you having to get fully undressed because you’re overheating in your actual clothes. They also have a lot of stretch and don’t cling to your body when you start to sweat or get dressed after going into the ocean. Any way you look at it, you can’t lose with a pair of these crochet shorts.

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6. Crochet Shoulder Bag

If you go to the beach, you know the struggle of sand getting quite literally everywhere. No matter how hard you try, you’ll realize quickly that sand is relentless and clings to everything you own. It’s actually kind of annoying, and then to top it all off the sand gets in your bag because you are just discarding sandy items into it. To avoid problems like this, you are going to want a woven bag such as this crochet one. The open weave allows for sand to escape from the holes without worrying about whether or not your stuff is getting buried in the sand. A crochet shoulder bag is the perfect beach bag for those who want a stylish bag but don’t want to destroy it during your day rolling in the sand.

7. Crochet Cardigan

A cardigan is a great summer item that can be overlooked because people usually wear them for warmth in the cooler months. However, a lighter cardigan is perfect for the breezy beach nights that you weren’t prepared for because it was so hot during the day. A cardigan allows for you to still rock that hot outfit you wanted to wear out because it shows off the entire thing whereas a sweatshirt will cover you and negate the entire purpose of getting dressed up. A crochet cardi like this one will give you extra style points and won’t overheat you. Once again the open weave is going to save your summer, if that hasn’t been made clear by me just yet.


8. Crochet Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a good summer clothing article to have because it is classy, but can be dressed up or down depending on the dress. A crochet dress just adds to your summer vibe, and getting a closer-knit crochet maxi dress minimizes the need to wear something underneath so you don’t risk showing anything you weren’t planning on showing.  Crochet maxi dresses are very unique and will be the star of your next Instagram post. Wearing this dress with a floppy hat and oversized sunglasses will give you Hollywood vibes without trying too hard to find an outfit worthy of such an honor.

These crochet pieces are sure to fire up your closet this summer. Let me know your favorite in the comments below!