Cute Couple Costumes That Aren’t Over The Top

Even better than dressing up for Halloween is planning the perfect couple costume. You can keep it simple and still have people oohing and awwing at you and your partner. Dressing up doesn’t have to be a hassle or over the top to draw attention.

Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone

For this iconic couple costume duo, try hitting the thrift stores for the vintage anchorman look. With padded shoulders and retro colored suits take minimal effort and make a huge impact. Get your partner the perfect fake bushy mustache and use have interest teach you the easiest way to do your 70’s style hair. Then walk out the door in one of the best couple costumes that’s sure to be the talk of the party.

Cute Couple Costumes That Aren’t Over The Top

Salt & Pepper

There are two ways to make this simple couple costume for you and your partner. If you’re a dress person, you can find a shiny speckled dress at a Halloween store or online. Get your partner a white t-shirt and on both articles of clothing iron on a giant “S” for salt and a giant “P” for pepper.

However, one of the easier versions of this iconic couple costumes pairing is both of you getting cheap t-shirts from Walmart or Michael’s one black/gray and one white. Iron on your letters again and wear your favorite bottoms and comfortable shoes. The basic t-shirt allows you to customize the rest of the costume to be as sexy or casual as you’d like.

Sully & Boo

This is one of the couple costumes that can be as DIY or as store-bought as you’d like. Plenty of sites have Sully zip-ups onesies, talk about ultimate comfort, or simply get a big blue shirt. You can hot glue or iron on purple dots to the shirt and voila you’ve got yourself a big cuddly Sully for your Halloween night. Fortunately, this is one of those couple costumes that only gets easier for Boo who can wear a large oversized pink t-shirt and nothing under or add some fun leggings. Throw your hair in some pigtails and you’re ready to go.

Easy peasy with no hassle for this couple costume sure to be recognized and envied for it’s simple, cute, and fun vibe.

Cute Couple Costumes That Aren’t Over The Top

Fireman & Dalmatian

This is one of those couple costumes that allow either partner to be the fireman or the Dalmatian. If you have to, rock, paper, scissors over who gets to be which. Another aspect that other couple costumes can’t offer is the diversity of sexy level for this costume.

Make your partner worthy of a hot fireman calendar or get skimpy with your puppy fur covering. Dress up or down as much as you’d like. You’ll only need a white t-shirt with some black spots and suspenders and a fake hat to pull this look together. There’s no denying this is one of those classic couple costumes people just can’t get enough of.

Cute Couple Costumes That Aren’t Over The Top

Mickey & Minnie

There’s no denying this is one of those classic couple costumes people just can’t get enough of. This iconic duo means something as simple as red bottoms and a black top with headband ears will tell people exactly who you are.

It’s one of those couple costumes that never goes out of style. Often, you can find exactly what you need to pull the outfit together in your own closet. It’s perfect for those last-minute parties you need to dress up for.

Green With Envy

Make you and your partner’s costume stand out as the most creative of the couple costumes at the party. Play on this classic idiom as one partner dresses in all green and the other simply wears a t-shirt with “envy” written on it. People might look a little confused at first, but the look on their faces when it finally clicks with be completely worth it.

Cute Couple Costumes That Aren’t Over The Top

Men In  Black

Rock your power in one of the couple costumes that’s guaranteed to make you and your partner feel like total badasses. Just find some classic black work pants and matching black blazer and a white button-up. You’ll need some black sunglasses to make sure you wipe everyone else’s memory but your own.

That means you have permission to go as wild as you want that night.

Cute Couple Costumes That Aren’t Over The Top

Sports Athlete & Cheerleader

Either a sports jersey or a letterman’s jacket will effortlessly pull together a classic pairing in this couple costume. Costume stores are chock-full of cheerleader outfits making this one of the most accessible couple costumes on the market.

Coordinate your colors and people will know you as a couple at any party you walk into and don’t be surprised if you get asked for the occasional cheer or high kick. Besides buying the clothes, there isn’t a lot of effort that needs to be put into this couple’s costume.

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Is there anything easier than slipping on a dress? This is one of those couple costumes that will let you feel like you’re simply wearing regular clothes. It’s perfect for those who aren’t really into dressing up.

A simple yellow dress, a white button-up shirt, and khaki pants. Easy enough to find in any store or online. If you want to step up your game you can search for similar shoes Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling wear, but that’s a decision for you and your partner.

Cute Couple Costumes That Aren’t Over The Top

Crayola Crayons

Yes, this is another t-shirt style if you’re wanting to go for the ultimate ease in mobility. Pair the t-shirt color of your choice with leggings or jeans. There are foam bodysuits if you want the cylindrical look and don’t have the patience to DIY the Crayola design.

The beauty in the endless possibilities of this couple’s costume means you can be as subtle or note-worthy as you’d like. You can order the pointed caps to wear with your shirts or go minimalistic and simply write the Crayola crayon color on your shirt.

Dirty Dancing

Another one of those couple costumes that only require a dress and simple outfit. For this classic pairing, you’ll need a white dress for the lady and for the man, you’ll need all black everything. A black shirt, black pants, and a black belt top it off with some extra hair gel and you’re set.

Just a suggestion, practice that iconic lift at home before leaving the house. You know people will ask you to do it when they see your costumes.

Cute Couple Costumes That Aren’t Over The Top

Send this article to your partner now to get the ideas rolling in time for Halloween. You’ll want to make sure you’re on the same page when you’re searching through endless suggestions of perfect couple costumes.

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