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Cute Costumes To Wear To A Halloween Party

Cute Costumes To Wear To A Halloween Party

Halloween requires a lot of preparation. As silly as it sounds, it’s true. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to throw together a costume for a party. If you’re at a loss of ideas (or a loss of money), here are some cheap, creative costumes you can rock this fall:

1. Adam Sandler

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This costume is the definition of low-key. It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of effort to dress like Adam Sandler. All you need are some baggy basketball shorts, an oversized tee shirt (the flashier the logo, the better), and to accessorize with, sunglasses and a baseball hat. Though these just seem like normal clothes, everyone will instantly recognize who you’re supposed to be. If you want to go the extra mile, coordinate with your friends to dress as the characters from Grown Ups (inarguably the best Adam Sandler movie). Buy the iconic neon orange “Water Wiz” tee shirts from TeePublic for each member of your group.


2. Tinkerbell Fairies

<img src="tinkerbell.jpg" alt="">

Another adorable group costume would be Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. This is the perfect costume for groups of six, though you can always add more or less people. Each member of your group should dress as a different fairy (Silvermist was always my fave). The costume practically makes itself; you only need to buy a dress that matches your fairy’s and a pair of wings. Fake fairy wings are easy to find, with affordable options on Amazon and at Party City. To make your costume more recognizable, incorporate motifs that have to do with your fairy. For example, add pom-poms to your shoes if you’re Tinkerbell, flowers in your hair if you’re Rosetta, etc. You’ll be fit for a halloween party and for Pixie Hollow! 

3. Stranger Things

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With the recent release of season four, it’s likely that you’ll see a ton of Stranger Things costumes. There’s nothing wrong with picking the popular choice. You can add as many people to your group costume as you want, considering what a huge cast of characters this show has. Some of the costumes require low effort, like if you wanted to replicate one of Nancy or Steves’ looks. Others may be a bit of a challenge to put together, especially if you decide to be Vecna or a Demogorgon. That said, you can dedicate as much of your time and energy into making your costume as you want. This will sure to be a hit at any halloween party. But if you see any lights flashing, run away.

4. Black Swan

<img src="blackswan.jpg" alt="">

In the “Good For Her” cinematic universe, Black Swan reigns supreme. Not to mention, Natalie Portman’s final look would make for an amazing scary-cute costume. Channel your inner ballerina by sporting a black tutu, a black corset, and, of course, a black pair of wings. A sleek bun with a crown and black feathers would be a nice touch, too. To up the scare factor, you’ll want to do your makeup as dramatic as possible. Copy Portman’s winged eyeshadow and chiseled cheekbone look. To take a line from the movie, “The only person standing in your way [of wearing this costume] is you.” Go for it, but don’t lose your sanity in the process.


5. Beetlejuice And Lydia

<img src="beetlejuice.jpg" alt="">

Who’s a more iconic duo than Beetlejuice and an angsty, teenaged Winona Ryder? No one, that’s who. Bring their creepy-campy vibes to life (or to death, in Beetlejuice’s case) this halloween. For Lydia, you’ll want to wear a blood red gown, a matching red veil, and heavy eyeliner. Beetlejuice’s makeup requires more attention, but you can easily replicate his bone white skin and undead eye bags with face paint. Don’t forget the green hair! Most costume shops sell spray-on hair dye, though you could always take the wig route. While their relationship in the Tim Burton movie is by no means romantic, Beetlejuice and Lydia could work well as a couple’s costume, too. Till death do you part…

6. Hallie and Annie

<img src="parenttrap.jpg" alt="">


Do you have a long-lost identical twin sister that you recently met at summer camp? Or do you just have a friend that sort of looks like you? Whatever your relationship may be, the two of you should show up to your next party as Hallie and Annie from The Parent Trap. Not all of us can be born natural redheads; to get Lindsay Lohan’s gorgeous ginger locks, find a cheap wig at a party store. The most important part of your costumes, though, are the Camp Walden shirts. Etsy and TeePublic have countless Camp Walden tees to choose from, all at a low price. If you’re feeling devilishly chic, you can go as Meredith Blake instead. Let’s be honest: she was never really the villain. 

7. Cake Boss Crew

<img src="cake.jpg" alt="">

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Is this reference too niche? The people that get it, get it. Growing up, I would watch Cake Boss on TLC for hours on end. The show attracted a big enough following for people to understand your costume (and hopefully laugh at it, too). Like most of the other costumes on this list, the Cake Boss crew requires minimal preparation. Just buy a baker’s hat, a white apron, and loose black pants. The most crucial component of your costume is the Cake Boss symbol. Either iron on “CAKE BOSS” on your robe, or better yet, use the “Carlos’ Bakery” logo instead. You’ll look like a delicious walking advertisement, in the best possible way.

8. Aquamarine

<img src="mermaid.jpg" alt="">

When Cake Boss wasn’t on, ten-year-old me was obsessed with watching Aquamarine. For those of you who have never seen it, you must. The main mermaid, Aquamarine, delivers some memorable lines and even more memorable looks. I’ve always been jealous of the teal streaks in her wavy hair, so make sure you include those as part of your costume. Aquamarine’s wrap-around seafoam green dress was the stuff of my dreams. I wanted the same dress so badly, but as it turns out, it’s easy to recreate. Get an oversized mermaid skirt online and tie it like so. Starfish accessories are a must.



I know all too well how hard it is to choose a costume. But who said you have to settle on just one? Wear as many costumes as you want to as many parties as you can possibly attend. Halloween comes only once a year, after all. Make the most of it. 

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