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30 Cute Computer Sleeves From Amazon And Etsy

30 Cute Computer Sleeves From Amazon And Etsy

Computer sleeves are the best way to protect your laptop and personalize it! Here are 30 cute computer sleeves you can get off Amazon and Etsy!

Computer sleeves are the best way to protect your laptop and add some personal style to it. With so many different colors and patterns to choose from, we narrowed down the best. Here are 30 cute computer sleeves from Amazon and Etsy!

1. Pretty roses

You can never go wrong with a little floral print and these roses are really pretty. With a zip sleeve in the front, you’ll have plenty of storage for any pens, notes, etc.


2. Marble

Marble is still one of the most popular trends, especially when it comes to laptop/school accessories. There is a big pocket in the front that can hold a small notebook or planner!

3. Colorful leaves

This bright computer sleeve comes with shockproof padding to help give your laptop the best protection possible.

4. Leather

The perfect sleeve for any fashionista! With waterproof coating and soft interior, this leather case is definitely one you need.


5. Blue marble

Another marble case because can you ever really have enough?

6. Monogrammed

With vibrant Lilly-like colors and prints, these monogrammed sleeves are a great accessory to bring to class!


7. Fuzzy monster

Seriously may be my favorite on the list. This fuzzy little monster can be customized to any color you want.

8. Elephant print

Not only is this elephant print adorable, but it comes with an extra little pouch for a mouse or any other items you may want to store.


9. Simple floral

If you’re looking for a simple sleeve, but with a little design, this is a really cute option!

10. Rose gold mermaid

Like to pretend you’re a mermaid? Same. This rose gold mermaid sleeve has shimmery scales and it is everything you can dream a mermaid tail to look like.


11. Bright tropics

Bring on the serious vaca vibes with this bright tropical print sleeve! With a big zip sleeve in the front, you’ll have all the storage you need.

12. Gold splatter

Add a little glam to your laptop with this gold splatter sleeve!

13. Blue and white stripes

For all the preppy ladies, you know you can’t get enough of stripes. This case comes with a lot of storage for anything you may need to take to class or work with you!


14. Rose gold glitter

Kate Spade always knows what we need when it comes to class/work essentials. This rose gold glitter print is just the right amount of sparkle.

15. Cheetah print

Bring out your inner diva with this super cute cheetah print sleeve!


16. Watercolor cactus

Why are cacti so cute? No one will ever know. The watercolor finish makes this sleeve sooo cute.


17. “We’re all mad here

If you feel like you belong in Wonderland, then this sleeve belongs with you.

18. Starry night

For the artsy type, show off your love of the arts with this vibrant Starry Night sleeve!


19. Pink waves

Do you consider yourself a beach bum and constantly dream of being on an island all year round? Well, this simple pink wave sleeve is just the right hint of the ocean that you may need.

20. Be a pineapple

Here’s another one for the monogram lovers out there!


21. Palm leaves

Besides the beautiful tropical print, the inside of this sleeve is lined with scratch resistant micro-fiber which will keep your laptop safe from those annoying little marks.



22. Knitted sleeve

This hand-knit sleeve is seriously adorable and I think everyone needs one for their laptop.

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23. Pineapples

Pineapples are always a fun pattern to go for!


24. Pink grapefruit


25. Explore more

Always dreaming of the next adventure? Let your wanderlust show with this adorable explore sleeve!


26. Hand painted

Each of these sleeves are hand painted, making every single one unique and special.


27. Yellow or pink speck

This is definitely a basic design, but still really cute.

28. Squiggly

If you’re looking for something with a little less color, this black and white squiggly sleeve is just the one!


29. Macaroons

Computer sleeve so good, you’ll want to eat it.


30. Eyes

This one is kind of creepy, but still kind cute in it’s own way.

What are your fave cute computer sleeves to use!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: weheartit