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25 Cute College Dorm Decorations You Need To Buy ASAP

Cute college dorm decorations can be hard to find. Everyone has a different taste in decor, but don’t worry because we have 25 selections that you’ll be sure to love! Get ready to love your dorm as much as your weekend.

1. Christmas Lights

Christmas white lights are a huge must-have in college. In the first year of college, it is normal to feel unsure of what to bring and how to decorate. Luckily, Christmas lights are easy to find and inexpensive.

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2. Fuzzy Pillow

When it comes to cute college dorm decorations, a fluffy, fuzzy pillow is essential. You can pick this up at Target, Walmart, or TJ Maxx. I used to be obsessed with cute dorm decorations and how to make my dorm look pretty, and everything you need is in this article! It is amazing how much difference a few pillows can make.

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3. Throw Blanket

Blankets and pillows are not only a cute way to add some decoration, but they are so cozy! Grab a throw blanket at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls, and choose between light pink, white, or other nude colors. Super cute and cozy!

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4. Shag Rug

With just a few staple items like blankets, rugs, and pillows, you have already started decorating! Decorations for your dorm doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money on things that just look cool. These things you’ll get a lot of use out of, too!

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5. Tapestry

For cute college dorm decorations, it is not complete until you add a tapestry! I found one at Target a while back, for roughly $7.00, and I have no idea why it was on sale because it was super cute! After moving out of school, my sister now uses it. Tapestries are a super cute and easy way to add color and style to your dorm.

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6. Multiple Mirror Decor

For this dorm room idea, you’ll actually be creating the illusion that your room is bigger than it is. Yep, you read that right. Adding a mirror to any room automatically makes the room seem bigger. Plus, the mini mirror look is super modern and trendy to add to any dorm!

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7. Letter Initial

One good way to add decorations to your dorm room is by placing the letter of your first name on the wall. You can find these at Target, Walmart, or TJ Maxx. A lot of other girls have the same idea!

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8. Shelves

This may seem more necessary than decorations, but trust me, they look cuter than they seem. Of course, you’ll need storage for something, school supplies, toiletries, makeup, (etc.) and now you have somewhere cute for it! A lot of storage bins or shelves do not have to be boring. I got a storage bin from Target for under $10.00 and it had a floral print.

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9. Full-Length Mirror

For cute college dorm decorations, a mirror is a must-have. It may not seem like a decoration, but trust me, every day before class you’ll be checking your outfit, and it brightens up the room. Hang it on the back of your door for a classic look.

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10. Plants

It is fun to decorate dorm rooms, and one way to do this is by adding plants. They can be real or fake, I recommend fake so that you don’t have to keep up with the maintenance that they require. It is such a fresh look to add plants!

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11. Dream Catcher

Nobody likes having bad dreams! With this classic dream catcher, you won’t have to worry. This is a cute decoration that doesn’t take up too much space, or cost too much money. Sweet dreams!

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12. Ottoman

For this dorm decoration, not everyone will have space. If you are a first-year resident, it is OK if you do not have the room for this, but if you do, it will make your room seem so much cozier!

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13. Picture Frame Wall Hanging

For this decoration, you will be hanging the photos that mean a lot to you, and also be adding wall decor. These frames are easy to find, and relatively cheap, too! Try this modern look for your dorm.

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14. Classic Poster

Nothing says decorated like a classic Marilyn Monroe poster or 90’s retro vibe. This look is timeless and classic, and posters and photos are a great way to decorate and make your dorm look cute.

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15. Decorative Cups

Nothing says decor… like a decorative cup! Most dorms will have a windowsill of some sort, and that is where I used to put 3 colorful cups with miscellaneous in them, and they really help add some color and decor to the room. Not only will your room look good, but it’s also convenient!

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16. Wall Sticker

Wall decals and stickers are such an easy and fun way to add decor to any room. During my freshman year, I got some butterfly stickers to adhere to the wall for $10 or less, and they were light purple. I think this look is so cute and trendy!

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17. Pattern Comforter

One of the simplest ways to add decor to a dorm room is by adding a pretty patterned comforter. You won’t regret this, because college dorm beds are all the same size, so you can bring the same one for all four years.

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18. Curtains

If you can get away with it, I would say put up some curtains. Many schools monitor what type of decor the freshman put in, but if the RA’s are okay with it, go for it. This is probably one of the best ways to freshen up the dorm and make it look pretty!

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19. Candle

Maybe I shouldn’t be encouraging contraband, but if your school is fine with it, I say go for it. Even if you don’t light the candle, it still brings in a sweet and subtle scent and a pretty color in the room.

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20. Colorful Hangers

One way to surely brighten up your dorm room without going overboard is by adding some decorative hangers. You are going to need these anyway, so don’t worry. Grab some coral or turquoise colored hangers from Target, and get to it!

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21. Shelf On Wall

This decoration is exactly what it sounds like. You can nail this in pretty easily, and put a small plant or picture frame on the ledge for a modern look. This decoration is totally worth it!

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22. Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is not only a pretty thing to look at when you first enter the room, but it is also practical. If its raining or snowing you don’t want to track mud or dirt throughout your room, so this really will help when you first walk in.

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23. Hamper

Of course, you are going to need a hamper of some sort for your dirty clothes. Why not make it fun? Put a bright, pink hamper in your room to brighten it up a little bit!

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24. Couch

Okay, maybe you don’t have room for this. But it can’t hurt to think about! Especially if you are moving into a single room, this will surely help make the room a little bit more lively.

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25. Bulletin Board

Last but not least, is a bulletin board. This is a must-have for any college dorm, even if you only put a few pictures in it, it has such a modern vibe to it.

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Moving into your college dorm is very exciting. I can still picture exactly how mine looked. I hope this article helped give you some ideas for decorating! Comment below which was your favorite decor item!

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