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Where To Find Cute Clothing For Your Internship

Where To Find Cute Clothing For Your Internship

Are you getting ready to start your summer internship or maybe a new job? It doesn't have to be difficult to master both professionalism and chicness in your wardrobe. You also don't have to spend a lot of money either. Check out our list of top retailers that you will love for cute clothing for your internship.

When it comes to that new summer internship, your Forever 21 buys probably aren’t going to cut it anymore. The skirts and dresses are too short and the shirts are too thin or have neck lines a bit too plunging for the office space. It can be hard to transition your wardrobe to that of a mature, career-woman, especially without feeling frumpy or totally wrecking your bank account. Here’s a small map of great places to check out for cute clothing for your internship, while still being appropriate and professional!

The Most Affordable

To save a buck, look first through the more affordable options. While these days the cuteness of their clothing seems to be a bit hit or miss, last summer Target supplied my entire internship wardrobe. Their light maxi skirts and appropriately long, but still cute dresses were my go-to. You’ll have to go past the adorable front section to the women’s clothes further in the back, but that’s where you’ll find some great gems for work wear at an affordable price.


Pretty Little Thing is another great place to look for inexpensive clothes for the office. They have great prices and a huge selection online. Kohl’s is another option to build up your wardrobe for work. The clothing sometimes feels like it’s for an older crowd, but there are still plenty of cute clothing for your internship if you sift through. Remember too that the LC Lauren Conrad collection is sold exclusively at Kohl’s and has a wonderful range of work attire that is effortless and chic. Things can also sometimes look expensive, but they have constant and extensive sales, so likely if you look again soon whatever you like will be available for a cheaper price. However, boohoo also cannot be forgotten as it gives a big selection of current trendy attire as well.


The mid-range price category is my favorite because you aren’t strangling your wallet, but there are very fashionable and unique options that seem to have a little more life in them. Altar’d State is where I love to go when I want cute nice clothes I can wear to work or around my boyfriend’s parents (although as a 5’11 girl the dresses can get pretty short). As a whole, they sometimes go overboard with some of the trends, but I can always still find pieces there that I love. The options from this store lean more toward the expensive category, but they’re cute, quality picks you’ll be able to love for a long time and wear even outside of work.


I also put H&M and ASOS both in this category. These stores each have a slew of variety and are great for when the “work wear” starts to feel a little stodgy. Anything can be work wear as long as it’s appropriate. Once you get the vibe of the office and are comfortable there, don’t be afraid to personalize your work wardrobe with a little edge or go full Zooey Deschanel by shopping at these stores.


Lulu’s is another shop that falls in this category. They have tons of cute and trendy blouses that can add extra style and flair to your work attire. Lulu’s and H&M are beloved stores to many a customer, but because of their cute clothes at more of a mid-range price, items can be known to fall apart faster or more often, so be aware. I say still risk it and order that super cute bright red blazer.

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The Treat Yo’ Self Category

This category can get expensive fast if you’re shopping on a budget, but if you’re the type of girl who likes to build her wardrobe from a few basics, and doesn’t mind spending a pretty penny for longer lasting quality items, this is the shop for you. Modcloth gives off that vintage old-school proper office vibe. That being said, they offer great options for the recently working woman with some very sleek and retro dresses in its work section.


If you want something totally cool and extravagant check out the stores Of Mercer and Siizu. Of Mercer is quite luxurious, but just one piece can make you feel like Anne Hathaway after her makeover in The Devil Wears Prada for the rest of your life. Their whole mission is fueling the wardrobes of fierce working women and apparently making them feel dang fabulous while they do it. Siizu is a bit cheaper but they still have a very unique and high-end fashion feel. If you’re looking to invest in some long term executive wear to keep with you until you end up in that executive chair, shop here. These are definitely elegant places to look for cute clothing for your internship.


Which cute clothing for your internship are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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