20 Cute Christmas Gifts For Best Friends That Are Total BFF’s

The search to find Christmas gifts for best friends isn’t as simple of a task as it may seem. After all, they are your BFF(s). Picking up the right present for a friend you care a whole lot about takes some time and dedication. However, at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that you know your best friend the… well, best. If you’re struggling with some ideas, here are 15 cute Christmas gifts for best friends that add a personal touch, because they deserve it.

1) A Fun Pair Of Roller Blades

Remember the days where you went rollerblading, talked about your crush, and danced under a black light? Maybe this was just the highlight of my middle school days… Regardless, heading to a roller rink with your best friend is definitely a fun gift.

2) A Ballin’ Tee, Because They’re Ballin’

If your friend is ballin’, that means that they’ve got it going on. Money? Cars? You name it, your friend’s doing pretty damn well with it. If you have a ballin’ BFF, then pick them up this fun tee!

3) Reserved For The Most Basic Bitch

When it comes to Christmas gifts for best friends, chances are you probably have a basic bitch you can gift this meme game too. I’m sure you already have someone in mind.

4)  When In Doubt, A Head Scratcher

If all else fails and you can not think of a single present that suits your friend, I guarantee you this head scratcher does. This spider-looking head tool puts anyone at ease. Your best friend will be thanking you for this (cheap) Christmas gift!

5) These Blow Up Chairs Stright From The 90s

Honestly, I want one of these. When it comes to Christmas gifts for best friends, this one is perfect for the college student/recent grad who’s always hosting guests!

6) Snap A Picture, It’ll Last Longer

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for best friends that love photography! Not to mention in our world of Instagram influencers, I’m sure your friend would love a polaroid camera that looks just like an IG filter.

7) For The Wine-O

Your best friend may love wine, and if that’s true, then they’re probably amazing and deserve this super cute cactus stemless wine glass.

8) Did I mention Wine Soap Exists?

While we are on the topic of wine, these wine soaps are literally made out of it. Your wine-o friend will absolutely adore a gift like this for Christmas this year!

9) Let’s Get Personal, Shall We?

Alright people, let’s talk about how much you love your best friend. Chances are, they’ve been through a lot with you and accept you with flaws in all. With that being said,  a personal gift like a hand-drawn poster could be something your friend really cherishes.

10) If They’re A Lover Of The TV Show Friends

Raise your hand if you love the TV show friends. Wow damn, you and your BFF love it too? If that’s the case, this personalized Friends picture frame is one of the best Christmas gifts for your BFF!

11) Even If They’re Not Into Journaling, They Will Be

Personally, I find that I’m always talking about how I’m going to journal. However, when it comes time to actually doing it, there’s always a reason for me to say “Nah, another time.” With a daily journal that asks a question a day, anyone can answer a simple question about their life, and find the time to do it. This is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for best friends!

12) For That Road Trip You’ve Been Planning…

I think (almost) all best friends discuss doing a road trip at one point or another. However, it’s hard to get serious about a dream that’s never put into action. If you and your best friend have discussed road trip ideas, then get serious about it and pick up this wanderlust book for Christmas this year!

13) If They Love To Party

We all have that one friend who loves a good party. However, a lot of the time they might suffer from this thing called the hangover flu. If that’s the case, this “flyby” pill will do the trick to bring them back to life. Not to mention, it’ll make a hilarious Christmas gift!

14) Let’s Take A Quick Nap

This sleep mask isn’t like the rest as it has headphones integrated into the design. If your friend loves a good nap but lives in a noisy dorm, pick her up a serenading sleep mask this Christmas!

15) Perfect For The Kim K Fan

There many who hate Kim Kardashian West, but there’s even more that love her. If your friend is one of the admirers, then a Kim K Lumee case might be what they need this Christmas.

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16) Avocados Are the Best, Am I right?

Let’s talk avocados… and dying iPhones. Yes, it’s a weird combination I agree. However, this portable battery charger makes for one of the best Christmas gifts for best friends since we all suffer from a dying phone battery.

17) This May Be A Little Cheesy

It’s a little cheesy, but if you love cheese, then this gift is just the right amount.

18) An Instagrammable Letterboard

Letterboards are super in right now, and they’re all over everyone’s Instagram feeds. If you’re unsure of what to get your best friend this Christmas, a letterboard with a cute message might be the go-to gift idea for you!

19) Alexa, Can You Play “That’s My Best Friend” by Tokyo Vanity

“That’s my best friend, go best friend.” Yes, that’s a good song and I recommend that you check it out. Alexa is a pretty useful tool to have around, especially if your BFF loves Amazon priming everything to her doorstep.

20) A Polaroid Album Frame, For All The Polaroid Pics They’ll Be Taking

Remember that polaroid camera we mentioned at the beginning of this article? Well, here’s a cute little polaroid album for all of the pics your BFF will be taking. This could be a part two to the Polaroid camera gift, but either way, it’s a cute Christmas gift idea.

21) Are They Always Thriving?

Again, this could just be me, but “thrive” is a word my friends and I like to use all the time to describe something we love. If we go to the bar, we’re thriving. The beach, thriving. Hell, we thrive in life! If you have a friend who thrives, this is a great best friend Christmas gift!

What do you think of these cute Christmas gifts for best friends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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