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20 Cute Cat Instagrams You Should Follow

20 Cute Cat Instagrams You Should Follow

A cute cat can make any day better. That it, unless you prefer dogs, in which case, there’s plenty of articles about that to chose from. When it comes to cute cat Instagrams there’s too much to count. And there is no such thing as the best cute cat Instagrams or the one cute cat Instagram you can’t live without. In fact, this article could have featured way more cute cat Instagrams. But we are all busy and though procrastination calls, looking through a list of 100 cute cat Instagrams may be a bit too much for some. If you are looking to follow some cute cat Instagrams, or you are procrastinating some of your work, take a look at these cute cats!

1. Hamilton The Hipster Cat

@hamilton_the_hipster_cat is ready to be served some pour-over single origin coffee. And then taste it like a professional. You’ll hear it sipping it like a pro from across the room. This cute cat definitely looks a lot like your friendly neighbourhood hipster. Though, no human can beat that perfect catstache.

2. Waffles The Cat

If I had this cat, it would definitely be overweight. I mean, look at those eyes. Look at that fluffy face! How can you say “no” to this adorable being. That’s right, you don’t. You just don’t say no, ever. So go follow @waffles_the_cat right now.


3. Smushball

If you think grumpy looking cats are super cute, you’ll think this is a very cute cat. I mean, look at its big fluffy head and that tiny little outfit. The @smushball Instagram account doesn’t feature only one adorable fluffy grumpy cat, but two adorable fluffy grumpy cats. And a German shepherd!

4. Albert Baby Cat

The cute cat that goes by Albert and can be found at @albertbabycat, is a little munchkin cat that can warm any heart. Albert has beautiful blue eyes and adorable fluffy tiny legs. He’s also quite famous. But fame hasn’t changed his adorable attitude.

5. Smoothie The Cat

Those big green eyes are magical, aren’t they. This cute cat, found on Instagram as @smoothiethecat would be an amazing cuddle buddy. Smoothie is calm, easy-going and quite small. You can also find some videos of Smoothie on YouTube. Don’t know about you, but I’d love to have a Smoothie of my own. Yes, I’m still talking about the cute cat.


6. Milkshake The Cat

@milkshake.thecat is a fluff ball that seems to love lounging around. And sitting like a human. In case you haven’t already figured it out based on the names, Milkshake and Smoothie are family. You’ll often see them in videos together. They are both adorable.

7. Princess Coco Beans

A princess indeed. This royal cloud can be found on Instagram as @princesscocobeans. You are not going to be disappointed if you follow this cute cat. Those bright blue eyes and tiny ears poking out of the long fluff is exactly what one needs to see at the end of a long day.

8. Hosico Cat

Is it a cat or is it a watermelon, well it’s @hosico_cat. Head to Instagram to watch this cute cat be unimpressed by slime, mesmerised by a computer screen and take a bath (looking semi-terrified, but being very patient). Also, looking utterly adorable in every picture.


9. Nala Cat

This is another star on the list. @nala_cat is a very Instagram famous cat. She is an 8 years old Siamese/Tabby and was rescued from a shelter at 5months. On her Instagram, you’ll see her do magic tricks, play dress up and just live life as a cute cat.

10. Maple Cat

Maple is a Golden British Shorthair Boy. He is famous for being a wholesome & squishy chonk. On Instagram you’ll see him be both cute and funny. He’s also done the Sandmanchallenge, which you can see here.

11. Suki Cat

If you love cute cats and adventures you will adore @sukiicat. This adventurer can be seen exploring the world and looking fabulous while doing so. It’s definitely a cute cat you will love following.


12. Coby The Cat

The description of @cobythecat is the best.

💎”The most beautiful cat in the world.”—Me

Can we really deny that? I mean, probably not. It most certainly is one very very cute cat.

13. Pisco Cat

OMG, those eyes. @pisco_cat truly is one of the cutest cats I’ve ever seen. You know how puss in boots from Shrek makes this adorable face to distract people. Well, Pisco sure knows how to replicate that.


14. Lily And Lunz

Have you ever heard cat ASMR? Before we get into that, let me explain what ASMR is. Fast forward to the next paragraph if you already know. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and it describes that tingling sensation you would sometimes feel on your skin, think “I felt a tingle down my spine”. ASMR videos on YouTube and in this case, Instagram, have become particularly popular in recent years. Their aim is to induce that tingling feeling though whispers, different sounds such as tapping or crackling, etc.

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Now let’s talk about cat ASMR. The cute cat Instagram @lilyandlunz could just be your next favourite ASMR channel. Go check it out.


15. Park Kkone

This adorable cat, called Benny lives in Korea, is 3-years-old and can be found on Instagram as @park_kkone. He lives with a few siblings, which are equally cute and together they make some hilarious videos. Check them out!

16. Venus Two Face Cat

You know when you can’t decide between two cats. Well, with @venustwofacecat, you don’t really have to. This cute cat has two faces! Venus’s face looks like it’s split in two and it’s really interesting. It’s a beautiful cat with a lovely personality.

17. Cats In Food

If you love food and you love cats, @cats_in_food is the perfect Instagram for you. This is not exactly your typical cute cat Instagram. But it’s cute and it’s hilarious. You should give it a scroll and see what you think.


18. Mister Macho Missy

The best way to describe this photo of @mistermachomissy would be: (^ ◡ ^). That’s how this cute cat Instagram will make you feel.

19. Leo Maine Coon

Beautiful photo of a beautiful cat from @leo.mainecoon. Leo is described on his website as follows:

Known for his sense of style, he is often seen sporting a bow tie or bandana. Despite his large size, Leo is a mama’s boy who loves forehead kisses and chin scratches.

20. Gringo Moustache Cat

We have another catstache on the list with @gringomoustachecat. This is one of my favourite cute cats on Instagram. It looks like the perfect cuddle buddy. And that moustache is so cute! That’s a sentence you don’t hear very often, is it?


What are your favourite cute cat Instagrams? Share in the comments.