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10 Cute Brunch Places Near The University Of Florida

10 Cute Brunch Places Near The University Of Florida

The best brunch places in Gainesville for University of Florida students to try out on a budget! These restaurant not only have the best atmosphere, but great food!

If you’re looking for some cute brunch places to check out near the University of Florida, then we’ve curated a list of the best brunch spots!

1. Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

4062 Plaza Blvd #10, Gainesville, FL 32608

Kekes Breakfast Cafe is a newer brunch spot in Gainesville, opening just over a year ago, but has already been established as a favorite for students and visitors alike. They offer a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options served all day, making it the perfect brunch spot for everyone. Keke’s is famous for their huge pancakes that come with delicious toppings like fresh fruit, chocolate chips, pecans, powdered sugar, and syrup. The food is a little bit pricier than most breakfast places, but tastes really good and is served in large portions making it worth the price.


Kekes Breakfast Cafe's popular "Florida Waffle" which is topped with bananas, blueberries and strawberries

2. Metro Diner

2130 SW 34th Street

Metro Diner is a chain restaurant that originated in Jacksonville and been popping up all over Florida. They serve breakfast and lunch food from when they open at 6am until they close at 7pm, which makes this an ideal spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and even dinner. The atmosphere inside feels very warm and welcoming, like you are in a classic diner. You can even sit at the counter to eat and watch the chefs cook. One cool feature is they have a blackboard with unique specials every day that aren’t found on the normal menu. Their wide selection of options at super affordable prices makes Metro Diner my personal favorite brunch spot in Gainesville.


Inside Gainesville's Metro Diner location with food on the table and people eating in the background

3. East End Eatery

1202 NE 8th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

From the outside, East End Eatery looks like a small, unassuming building. But on the inside, East End Eatery is an eclectic, homey, and welcoming brunch place that’s worth the trip. They offer vegan, veggie and gluten-free options as well as healthy alternatives to the typical brunch food available at other restaurants, making this restaurant unique. Some of their specialties are their gouda grits, blueberry gluten-free waffle, and their french toast. The restaurant is locally owned and always has friendly service. This is a must try for someone looking to try a healthy, authentic breakfast place.


The outside of East End Eatery

4. Daily Green

436 SE 2nd St, Gainesville FL 32601

When Daily Green was opened in 2013 by two locals, they wanted to create a restaurant that made vegan, vegetarian and meat lovers food delicious. Daily Green has stuck to that goal by serving organic, inventive dishes that use local, organic and sustainable ingredients.  Daily green offers brunch, lunch and smoothies on their menu. Some of the most popular dishes on their menu are their falafel waffle, Daily Sweet Waffle and their Bolivian Breakfast Burrito. This place is a must try even if you aren’t a vegan or vegetarian. Their extensive menu has a delicious, healthy option for everyone.


A collage of various brunch and lunch dishes served at Daily Green

5. Afternoon

231 NW 10th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Afternoon is one of the newest brunch places to open in the Gainesville area, opening just last year. They have already gained traction though, as a popular brunch place for many locals. The Afternoon is a small, casual order-at-the-counter brunch restaurant that accepts walk-ins only. Their menu strives to create unique combinations that go beyond normal breakfast food that features dishes like a Dutch Baby: a popover pancake with Florida oranges and maple syrup; Shakshouka, a tomato baked eggs with za’atar and sourdough toast; and an egg and cheddar biscuit. Among their drinks, the lavender black tea is one of the most popular choices. If you’re looking for an unconventional, adventurous brunch head on over to Afternoon for a truly unique experience.


The outside of Afternoon's front door

6. Bagels and Noodles

1222 W University Ave, Gainesville FL 32601

Bagels and Noodles is equivalent to two baby animals of different species that become best friends: an unconventional combination that surprisingly works really well. Just as the name describes, this restaurant sells only bagels and Asian food. Many UF students probably recognize Bagels and Noodles from the outside as they walk past it late at night going or coming from mid, but its worth a try for those who haven’t ventured inside yet. The building itself is pretty run down and old, but the food is much better than you would expect. The bagels are fresh made every day and the asian dishes are served in large portions, making either a good option to try. Whether you try this for brunch or as a late nigh snack, Bagels and Noodles won’t disappoint.


7. Root & Pecker

5408 NW 8th Ave, Gainesville FL 32605

The Root and Pecker has been open for a couple of years now, but has already cemented itself as a must-go-to breakfast place for students and Gainesville residents alike. Root and Pecker recently shifted from serving lunch and dinner to breakfast, brunch and lunch as of last year, and is now open from 7am-3pm. They offer food that comes “from farm to table”, including freshly made sourdough bagels and waffles, mimosas, sandwiches and their famous pizzas. What is also cool about this restaurant is they have outdoor seating next to a garden, which is perfect for when the cool fall weather sets in. This place is a little more pricy than most other brunch places, but is worth investing in to try at least once.

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Root and Peckers specialty pizza

8. Peach Valley Cafe

3275 SW 34th Street

Peach Valley cafe is a chain brunch restaurant that can be found in various locations around Florida like Orlando, Daytona and Gainesville. Peach Valley Cafe has a nice, classic diner feel when you walk in and a huge menu full of options to try. Their most famous dish however that you have to try are their apple fritters, which are Granny Smith apples baked into dough, dipped in cinnamon sugar and served with a side of strawberry yogurt to dip them in. Peach Valley cafe is one of my personal favorites because there is something for everyone, the prices are affordable, and I can’t resist those apple fritters.


Peach Valley Cafes famous apple fritters served with strawberry yogurt as dipping sauce

9. OAK Restaurant

15 SE 1st Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Oak (which stands for Original American Kitchen) is aesthetically one of the trendiest, nicest restaurants in Downtown Gainesville. It is beautifully decorated with nice leather couches, rustic decor and authentic brick walls that give it an upscale vibe. Oak serves brunch, lunch, dinner and has a happy hour for drinks later in the day. They specialize in southern food and offer brunch dishes like shrimp n’ grits, Deep South bagel and lox, country fried steak and biscuits and gravy. This place is a great choice for people looking for tasty food and a fun atmosphere.


10. Flying Biscuit Cafe

4150 NW 16th Blvd, Gainesville FL 32605

The Flying Biscuit Cafe has been open in Gainesville for over 20 years and remains a neighborhood favorite. The Flying Biscuit serves southern inspired comfort food and specializes in biscuits. Even though the chain has expanded across multiple states including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas, this location retains its homey, neighborhood feel and is dedicated to being involved in the community.

A dish of eggs, sausage, grits and a biscuit served at The Flying Biscuit


What do you think about these brunch spots near the University of Florida? Let us know in the comment section below!