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10 Cute Brunch Places Near University Of Delaware

10 Cute Brunch Places Near University Of Delaware

After a Friday night out with your friends is the best time to indulge in a tasty brunch to get you out of bed & cure your hangover!

The morning after a fun, Friday night out with your friends is the best time to indulge in a tasty brunch to get you out of bed and possibly cure your hangover! College students love brunch (getting up later and still getting breakfast foods) but it’s often hard to find places with delicious food and a happy ambiance. Here’s a list of 10 cute brunch places near the University of Delaware that are definitely worth a try!

Home Grown Café

Home Grown Café is on Main Street and is a hot spot for quick lunches and dinners but most people overlook it as a brunch option. Home Grown has a special brunch menu with all of the classic favorites (like eggs Benedict and French toast) and even some dishes with fun twists (buffalo chicken & waffles and shrimp & grits). They also have a build-your-own mimosa bar, for those over 21. Home Grown is close campus, conveniently priced and delicious for a Saturday morning brunch!

The Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend is a little hole-in-the-wall located down East Main Street across from the Newark Natural Foods. The Perfect Blend serves up several different specialty lattes with great flavors but what they are really known for is their incredible Belgium waffles! The waffles are accompanied by a long list of possible toppings, syrups and fresh fruit options to load up your waffle with. And if you’re not feeling too hungry, they also offer mini waffles that satisfy your cravings and are only $2.75 each. The Perfect Blend is adorable ad cozy and definitely my favorite brunch place near campus!


Brewed Awakenings

Brewed Awakenings is a small coffee shop on Main Street near 7Eleven and Newark Deli and Bagel. Brewed Awakenings has a huge list of different coffee, latte and tea flavors and an assortment of fresh bagels, muffins and breakfast sandwiches. They also have a tall bookcase along one wall filled with games and puzzles for all customers to help themselves to, which makes this brunch not only yummy but fun! Brewed Awakenings is commonly overlooked by UD students but is one of those places that you can’t stay away from once you discover it.

Klondike Kate’s

Klondike Kate’s, on Main Street, is often associated with their lively night bar scene and their amazing half priced nachos on Tuesdays. However, Kate’s also has a very underrated brunch menu. Kate’s menu has all of the brunch favorites and their breakfast enchiladas are to die for! Kate’s environment is always upbeat, making it the perfect place to go with a big group of your friends for weekend brunch!

Metro Diner

Metro Diner is a little further off campus than some of the others on this list, but the 10-minute drive is definitely worth it! Metro Diner has the ideal ambiance of a cute diner and has a large menu with every breakfast and lunch item you could want! Metro has a specialty coffee flavor every day with flavors ranging from caramel and hazelnut to blueberry muffin and chocolate chip. Newark doesn’t have a lot of cute diner spots but Metro makes up for the lack of diner options around University of Delaware and is a great brunch spot, especially if you have a car.


Grain Craft Kitchen and Bar

Grain is located down East Main Street a little past Newark Natural Foods and is known for their unique and creative menu items. Grain’s brunch menu is no different, with foods you can’t get anywhere else near campus, like Crab toast and homemade pop tarts with fresh icing and fillings! Grain’s brunch menu also has a “lunchy options” section for those who are craving sandwiches or salads. They also have a really cute outdoor seating area with a fire pit which is perfect for fall and spring brunch!

Drip Café

Drip Café is new to Newark and is conveniently located on North College Avenue. Drip Café specializes in brunch and even serves it all day (they close at 7 pm!). Their menu has dozens of sweet choices (caramel apple pancakes) and tons of savory choices too (breakfast fried rice). Drip also has amazing coffees, smoothies and milkshakes to make your brunch meal even tastier! They’re new but they really know how to make brunch amazing!

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Santé Fe

Santé Fe is a popular Mexican hotspot on the corner of Main Street and North Chapel. Every University of Delaware student loves their tacos and fajitas, but their breakfast options are just as good! Santé Fe serves breakfast until 3pm every day and if you can get out of bed and to the restaurant before 12pm, they serve $2 breakfast burritos that are the BEST! Santé Fe is always a great and inexpensive choice for weekend brunch!

Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls is a more casual brunch option compared to the other restaurants on the list. Playa is also relatively new to Main Street but has built up a strong clientele very quickly. Playa Bowls follows the trend and is an acai bowl place. They take the acai popularity a step further and offers banana, green and pitaya bases for their bowls in addition to the classic acai, which helps them to satisfy all different taste buds! Playa Bowls is great for any time of the day, especially brunch, and an easy choice if you’re looking to take your food home or eat quickly!

Caffé Gelato

Caffé Gelato is a nice sit down restaurant on Main Street with a cute Italian style. They have a weekend brunch menu that is made up of some of their classic lunch items and some new and delicious breakfast choices. The brunch menu has several omelet choices, a crepe selection and even pasta entrees! Caffe Gelato is a little more expensive than other brunch places near the university, however it is the perfect spot to celebrate a birthday brunch, or to treat yourself with your best friends after finals week comes to a close!


Where are your favorite brunch spots near the University of Delaware? Tell us in the comments!

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