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Cute Backpacks You Need This Fall Semester

Cute Backpacks You Need This Fall Semester

It’s that time of year again! Pack your bags and prepare for the fall semester because it’s fast approaching. If you have a worn out backpack or need a backpack that matches your cute, edgy and fashionable style then I have something perfect for you! If you need a backpack that’ll be cute and fit all your important books and laptop necessities, then I also have the perfect bag for you! Check below for the cute backpacks you need this fall semester!

1. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

You may recognize these bags from Urban Outfitters or just while out and about. They’re cute, handy and perfect to fit all of your great essentials. For the utility lovers, this rectangular backpack will look great and feel great on your back through campus this fall! It was first designed in 1978 making it an obvious classic that has lasted the tests of time as a favorite for many. You really can’t go wrong with this backpack!

Get The Look:Cute Backpacks You Need This Fall Semester

2. UO Canvas Backpack

The material is a durable canvas with multicolored pink and red colors makes it the ultimate classic backpack. It’s the perfect cute little backpack to carry around campus. It has a hidden zipper on the back for any secrets you need to keep. If you don’t love this color blocking then you can go with the four other simple but great colors!

Get The Look:Cute Backpacks You Need This Fall Semester

3. Flap Backpack: Universal Thread

Organized, fashionable and ready for any and all classes with this cute backpack! With multiple compartments on the inside and outside of this bag will help you to keep everything you need safe and easily found. You’ll be getting compliments left and right and even better it’s all at a great price of $30 dollars so you can enjoy a cute backpack without the massive price tag!

Get The Look:Cute Backpacks You Need This Fall Semester

4. Large Size Flap Backpack in Wild Fable Red

With a satin red shade, this backpack will get you that edgy style while going to class every day! With inside and outside pockets you’ll have enough space for all those colorful pens and pencils, lip gloss, your phone and many other essentials you’ll need for the day to day grind! At $25 dollars how could you ever go wrong!?

Get The Look:Cute Backpacks You Need This Fall Semester

5. VR NYC Mini Kendall Backpack

This faux leather snakeskin backpack is not only in style but it’s probably the cutest backpack at half the price! For $25 dollars you can get this backpack and keep all your cute little essentials inside while prancing around campus. It’ll match any outfit and look sleek on your back. Out of all backpacks, this one may prepare you for a great semester the most.

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Get The Look:Cute Backpacks You Need This Fall Semester

6. Midsize Flap Mini Backpack in Wild Fable Black

Simple, cute and professional! This backpack may not have all the outside pockets but it has a sleek and professional look that will give you the ‘going to class don’t bother me’ vibes you’re looking for! It’s a bit smaller than the other backpacks but it will surely fit the true essentials you need for the day.

Get The Look:Cute Backpacks You Need This Fall Semester

Get ready to go back to college with these cute as heck backpacks! You have your pick of the more expensive or inexpensive bags, the classics versus the fashionable and mini bags! Whichever one you choose will help you keep all your essentials safe and ready to go for classes. All of them can be used for many events other than college but are also perfect for the campus feel!

Which backpack are you bringing back to campus this fall semester? let us know which ones you love or if you have the best and cutest backpack already!

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