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10 Cute Back To School Outfits That Are Perfect For The Fall

Not sure what to wear now that summer’s over? Luckily, we can provide you with some inspiration with these 10 cute back to school outfits that are perfect for the fall! 

1. Wear an oversized denim jacket

For this back to school outfit, you can effortlessly keep warm by layering up under an oversized denim jacket. Many have searched high and low for thrifted jean jackets, but if your local thrift store is out of stock, save up and shop at Levi’s for their classic trucker jacket. For extra warmth, the jacket also comes in another version with an inner layer of sherpa, a soft and warm addition. 

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2. Keep it classy with a plaid blazer

Plaid is definitely the go-to pattern for back to school! It’s classy, put-together, and screams classic academia. The blazer definitely dresses up the look, which would otherwise be considered casual especially since the denim skirt is distressed at the bottom. For those transition days from summer to fall, you can dress appropriately for the weather by keeping cool in a mini skirt while also keeping warm with stockings and the staple plaid blazer. 

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3. Stick to neutrals and a long coat

This long brown wool coat keeps you warm while also adding a finishing touch to the already classic look that emanates an effortless yet put-together vibe. For a more casual look, pair with your favorite sneakers like in the featured outfit below, or to keep it dressy, pair with your favorite fall ankle boots. Just make sure you’re comfortable enough to walk around campus!

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4. Wear your chunkiest scarf

This chunky scarf makes a plain outfit into a trendy one that you’d love to wear all fall. Wearing a chunky scarf for your back to school outfit is an effortless way to accessorize your outfit. Opt for putting your hair up with this look to really emphasize that scarf! You can stay warm and comfy by pairing with a cardigan, leggings, and your favorite tee as featured in the look below.

Get the scarf: 

5. Layer up and accessorize

You can easily warm up and cool down no matter the weather by layering. In the featured outfit below, she wears a plaid button-down underneath an oversized knitted sweater. You can make this look even more put together by wearing matching accessories like her hat or purse, creating the perfect back to school outfit.

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6. Stay comfy in an oversized hoodie

Oversized seems to be a prominent theme in fall outfits, which is reasonable for layering and comfort. You can stay comfy while going to class by wearing an oversized hoodie and jeans with your favorite vans sneakers as featured in the look below. For maximum comfort and socially acceptable laziness, you can always wear the oversized hoodie with leggings when you’re back to school.

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7. Wear a plain vest to keep warm

Vests are trendy during the fall for back to school, especially when it’s getting chilly. When wearing a puffy vest, it’s important to keep the layers simple. This casual and outdoorsy look is also perfect for rainy days, since you can sub the long-sleeve for a thin hoodie underneath the plain black vest. 

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8. Pair jumper skirts with sweaters

This cute outfit is amazing for the first day back to school if you really want to make an impression. The plaid jumper skirt balances out the chunkiness of the sweater and as mentioned previously, plaid is the epitome of academia. If it’s too warm of an outfit for the first day, you can always wear the jumper skirt with a thinner sweater or long sleeve. 

Get a similar jumper skirt:

9. Wear combat boots for an edgier look

Combat boots can change up any classic or plain outfit by adding some edge. If you’re looking for a perfect back to school shoe, combat boots are the way to go. To add even more edge to your outfit, pair the combat boots with some ripped black jeans like in the featured outfit below! The simplest details can make all the difference in outfits like these.

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10. Be preppy in pink

It may not be Wednesday, but we are definitely wearing pink for back to school. Corduroy is a staple material in fall season attire and comes in many different colors which is why it’s so versatile. This pink corduroy jacket adds a pop of color to what would have been a really basic outfit. 

Get the jacket:

Which back to school outfit are you re-creating this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hayley Heramia

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