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10 Cute Autumn Treats Everyone Will Eat Up

10 Cute Autumn Treats Everyone Will Eat Up

autumn treats, 10 Cute Autumn Treats Everyone Will Eat Up

Anyone else excited to get their spice on in the kitchen this Autumn? The distinct creaminess of pumpkin, the tangy tartness of apple and the tingling cinnamon spice all come together this season. Give yourself a little extra love this Autumn with these sweet Autumn treats!

1. Apple And Blackberry Granola Yoghurt Cups

This one is on the cheap and easy side of the Autumn treats spectrum. Why not welcome in the new season with this tasty breakfast twist on the British classic apple and black berry pie. Take these Autumn fruits and mix them into your morning yoghurt and granola to add a fresh and tangy zest to your meal.

Don’t forget to add a little cinnamon and maple to make this autumn treat a real winner!

10 Cute Autumn Treats Everyone Will Eat Up

2. Salted Maple And Walnut Popcorn

We all know caramel popcorn is delicious, but why not add a little extra umph and crunch to your favourite movie going snack? Not only is it tasty, but it’s completely inexpensive AND simple! Salt up your maple and caramelise your walnuts before mixing them in thoroughly with your popcorn. Eat it while it’s hot to really get the most out of this one!

3. Sweet Potato Pancakes

Out of all the Autumn treats, this is probably the one I make most frequently. No morning would complete without these tasty sweet potato-filled delights! Pancakes are a great option for people who are always on the go, since they take no time at all with minimal ingredients. Just remember to add your favourite toppings when they’re done, sweet potato pairs greatly with a tart fruit coulis to counter dense sweetness in the potato.

For an extra tip, try roasting the sweet potato before mashing it to really bring out its sweetness!

10 Cute Autumn Treats Everyone Will Eat Up

4. Mini Apple And Pear Crumble

Crumble is definitely a must-have during the Autumn period in England. But who has the time to finish an entire tray’s worth? Why not instead put your cupcake tray to good use and make some mini apple and pear crumbles that you can take with you to work or university!

5. Oat, Almond And Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie

Everything you love about fall blended into one smooth taste sensation! The creamy combination of oats, almond milk and pumpkin come together to create something not unlike the Power-Puff Girls! It’s sweet, spice and everything nice! And the chemical X of this concoction? The tasty crunch of crushed almonds sprinkled on top for a finishing touch!

10 Cute Autumn Treats Everyone Will Eat Up

6. Mooncake

Want to get cultural this Autumn? Then try out some classic Autumn treats from China? On today’s menu is mooncake, which is traditionally sold and eaten during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Primarily these cakes are filled with red bean or lotus seed pastes and five kernel and roast pork, but be on the look for other delicious fillings, like salted egg and green tea!

While this isn’t a simple treat to cook in your kitchen, it’s definitely worth your attention this Autumn! So, run down to your local Chinese supermarket and see if they’re being sold!

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10 Cute Autumn Treats Everyone Will Eat Up

7. Rosemary And Nutmeg Apple Chips

Patience is a key factor with these tasty Autumn treats. Apple Chips take hours to bake in the oven on low temperature. But I guarantee you, it’ll be worth it! And with fragrant rosemary and hard-hitting nutmeg, you already know it’s going to make your kitchen smell heavenly.

This is a treat for people that either sick of, or just plain don’t like cinnamon. Don’t worry, I got your back! You don’t need cinnamon to enjoy Autumn!

8. Chestnut And Pumpkin Fudge

Add a little extra crunch and cream to your fudge with this winning combo of chestnut and pumpkin. If you enjoy a little experimentation in the kitchen then this one could be for you. Earthy flavours like pumpkin and chestnut are not something commonly paired with something overbearingly sweet as fudge. The flavours can cancel each other out. But, if you want the challenge of making the perfect chestnut and pumpkin fudge then give it your best shot!

9. Salted Caramel Apples

Isn’t it weird how nothing goes better with sweet than salt? When you hit that perfect salted caramel ratio it can be addicting. You’ve been warned…An Autumn treats list wouldn’t be complete without caramel apples! Put a salty twist on this Halloween classic by using salted caramel instead!

10. Cinna-maple Banana fritters

Banana fritters are a sweet treat that spreads far and wide through the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. So, why not add a little autumn spirit into them by giving them a healthy dusting of cinnamon, and generous drizzle of maple syrup. I could eat them all day!

autumn treats, 10 Cute Autumn Treats Everyone Will Eat Up

Have you given any of these Autumn treats a try? Know any other Autumn must-eats? Let us know in the comment section!

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