10 Cute Anniversary Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can be hard enough as it is without being there in person with your significant other. It can be even harder when it comes to your anniversary and finding ways of celebrating it without being able to be together. Don’t worry as these 10 cute anniversary ideas will help you out when it comes to your anniversary!

1. A heartfelt letter

Express all your emotions in a handwritten, heartfelt letter and send it to your significant other so it arrives on your anniversary date.

A handwritten letter can be considered outdated but it is a sweet idea and adds a personal touch if it is handwritten.

10 Cute Anniversary Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

2. A box of photos of your most memorable moments

Print out photos or polaroids that you have taken since you have been together. Your significant other will be able to look through memories you have made together and it’ll be nostalgic to see how much you have seen and done in the time you have been together.

10 Cute Anniversary Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

3. A cute and funny video compilation

Put together a cute and funny compilation of videos that you have accumulated over the course you have been together. This will highlight all of the great memories, the places you’ve visited and the things you have done together.

4. Virtual movie date

This is one of the more simple anniversary ideas but it is also a classic. Even though it is your anniversary, you can celebrate doing small and simple things.

Enjoying a movie together over Facetime or Skype will be as close as you can get to being next to each other.

5. Plane tickets..

Long-distance relationships can impact on the amount of time you spend together physically and being able to see each other whenever you want.

If you are able to, why not surprise your significant other with a plane ticket in the post for them to fly out and see you? While you may not be able to physically see them on your actual anniversary date, the plane ticket will mean you can prepare in advance activities and things to do when they are with you.

10 Cute Anniversary Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

6. ..or turn up on their doorstep to surprise them

If your significant other’s schedule means that they are unable to fly out and see you, surprise them by flying out to see them instead. They won’t expect it and it will completely make their day!

10 Cute Anniversary Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

7.  A customised calendar

Being in a long-distance relationship can mean you rarely see each other in person so when you do finally get to see each other, you really cherish your time together.

You can celebrate your anniversary by sending your significant other a customised calendar with your own photos and messages so they can count down the days until they do see you again!

8. Matching items

Having matching items is another cute anniversary idea so you constantly have a reminder of them with you. This could be matching pillowcases, keyrings, phone cases..the list goes on!

You can easily buy matching his and hers items or create your own and personalise them to give them a more personal touch.

10 Cute Anniversary Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

9. A journal of reasons why you love them

The time you have spent together can easily fly by but actually telling your significant other all the things you love about them that you maybe haven’t really told them about in person, will surprise them in a good way.

10 Cute Anniversary Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

10. Giving your significant other something of yours

Give your significant other something of yours so that they’ll have a piece of you when they miss you. It could be your hoodie which smells of you or a scarf that you love.

Which of these cute anniversary ideas for long-distance relationships do you think you’ll try? Tell us in the comments below!

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