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10 Cute Anniversary Gift Ideas To Bring Tears To Your SO’s Eyes

10 Cute Anniversary Gift Ideas To Bring Tears To Your SO’s Eyes

Anniversary gifts can be really hard to find. You want something romantic, but not too over-the-top. Here are ten cute anniversary gift ideas that will definitely make your partner tear up!

1. A Personalised Photo Frame

Giving your partner a photo frame with a photo of one of your favourite moments in it is always a lovely idea – but you can make it even better by personalising the photo frame! There are lots of personalising services online that can make a frame for you, or you can buy one and decorate it yourself. 

2. A Keyring With An Important Date

You have probably seen these keyrings advertised on social media and they are worth a look. The keyrings shows a little calendar with a circle or heart around the date of your anniversary (or the date you met, or any other date that matters to you!) which will remind your partner of you every time they take out their keys.

10 Cute Anniversary Gift Ideas To Bring Tears To Your SO’s Eyes

3. A Book Of Love Notes

What could be better than handing your partner a handful of notes telling them how much you love them? There are plenty of love note books you can buy online, so have a browse and find one that suits you and your SO. 

4. Open When Cards

This is a gift you can make easily and without spending much money at all. Grab a bunch of envelopes and some paper and create some open when cards! Label each envelope with when your partner should open it, then place a letter inside for them to read on that day. Examples: open when you are sad, open when you miss me, etc. 

10 Cute Anniversary Gift Ideas To Bring Tears To Your SO’s Eyes

5. A Photo Collage 

Everyone loves a photo collage! Go through your phone and find some of your best photos, then find a good picture editor online or on the App Store and make a nice collage. You can print this out and put it in a frame for them to keep. 

6. A Box Of Their Favourite Treats

This is a great gift for long distance relationships. Find a big cardboard box and fill it with all the things you know your SO likes. Sweets, chocolate, biscuits… Anything at all! Just make sure none of it is perishable or likely to get stuck at customs if it is going on a long journey. 

10 Cute Anniversary Gift Ideas To Bring Tears To Your SO’s Eyes

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7. Engraved Jewellery

This might be a bit full on for your first couple of anniversaries, but it could be perfect for once you’ve been together for a few years! Most jewellers will offer an engraving service which you can use to put a personal message on a piece of jewellery. There are also plenty of companies which sell jewellery with messages already written on them. 

8. Date Night Money Jar

This is the perfect anniversary gift for the couples who love a fancy date night but can’t always afford it. Buy them a money jar specifically for loose change you will later use for a nice date. Your partner will be grateful that you want to save up and spend time with them. Just don’t expect them to be the only one paying into it!

10 Cute Anniversary Gift Ideas To Bring Tears To Your SO’s Eyes

9. Glass Art

There are some incredible glass art companies out there these days. From paperweights to sculptures to plaques, there are so many different options to choose from. You can find your partner a truly unique and classy gift to celebrate your love for them. 

10. Sound Wave Art

This is an anniversary gift which is becoming more popular. All you need is to know what your partner’s favourite song is and then find a company that produces sound wave art. They will create a wall hanging, keyring, t-shirt or whatever else you could imagine with the sound wave of their favourite song. Perfect for music lovers!

Would you buy your partner any of these anniversary gifts? What cute presents have you given them in the past? Tell us in the comments!

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