10 Cute Ankle Tattoos You’ll Love

One of the nicest, and least painful, places to get a tattoo is on your ankle; and if you are thinking of getting your first or fifth tattoo, this is a great place to consider for placement. If you have decided on the place but have no clue what to get, that’s what this list is for! We have compiled a list of the top 10 cutest ankle tattoos that you are guaranteed to love in hopes that it will help you on the way to deciding your tattoo.

1. Honey Bee

Not only is the honey bee adorable and extremely cute as a small ankle tattoo, but the deeper meaning behind a bee is also very important. Most bee tattoos represent being good to the environment, as our bees play one of the most important roles in our eco-system.

2. Moon Face

This moon face tattoo is perfect for the person who loves stargazing, or maybe is a bit of a romantic. Another variation of this tattoo is to add a sun face alongside the moon, or maybe a few stars.

3. Jelly Fish

These two jelly fish are the perfect size for an ankle tattoo, not only are they designed well but they are extremely adorable. These are perfect for any sea or animal lover.

4. Snake

This coiled snake tattoo which wraps around the ankle is the perfect tattoo if you want something a bit edgier. Not only does this bring out the darker side of you, but it is also the perfect example of a bigger ankle tattoo which is still cute!

5. Whale Fin

If you are looking for something a bit more colourful, this watercolour, painting style tattoo is perfect. This one is of a whale fin in a lake, but there are many other similar tattoos which are watercolour and represent a painting and something more artful.

6. Sunset

This sunset tattoo is the perfect small, cute, line tattoo for a beach or sea lover. This minimalist style is very subtle and makes for a great tiny tattoo that is classy and casual. The sunset tattoo doesn’t have to just be over a sea though, it can be edited to set over the mountains, a city – any backdrop you desire!

7. Shell

Another tattoo which is great for a beach or outdoor lover, but just a bit bigger and a bit more out there. The fading out style adds something a bit different and artistic to the design, which is great if you want a tattoo which is something new.

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8. Flowers

Flowers are a classic tattoo for anyone who wants something cute and dainty. If you want something different from the normal single flower or bunch of flower on one side of the ankle, a vine of flowers wrapping around the ankle keeps the classic look while adding something new.

9. Coy Fish

The coy fish is one of the staple, cute aesthetic tattoo and looks great as a small to medium ankle tattoo. The coy fish tattoo is something you can get in black or colour, can get one, two or three fish and it will always look great!

10. Rainbow

Probably the cutest tattoo on this list, this tiny rainbow tattoo is absolutely adorable. If you are looking for something fun, playful an colourful, this is definitely the tattoo for you! More can be done with this if you want something a bit more but still cute, such as clouds, stars, pots of gold – anything you can dream of really.

Which tattoo do you think is the cutest? Comment in the section down below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/AbO0CLTVoPM-Q7UH8kcgjVsURJBNroZ7honCPQLZT1ijq_LvB-Zjc0E/
Sylvie Therezien

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