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Cute And Unique Ways To Decorate Your Backyard This Summer

Cute And Unique Ways To Decorate Your Backyard This Summer

Cute And Unique Ways To Decorate Your Backyard This Summer

The summer weather allows for all types of outdoor fun, and one thing that many absolutely love to do is decorate their backyards with flowers, trinkets, and fun summer decorations! There are so many cute and creative ways to decorate your backyard – some are as simple as purchasing some string lights and hanging them up while others are full DIY projects, but the end results are totally worth it!

Here are a few cute and unique ways to decorate your backyard this summer:

1. Make Your Own Fairy Door

Fairy doors are fun for people of ALL ages! Who’s to say that magic doesn’t exist, right? These cute and creative fairy doors will not only help you decorate your backyard, but they with a little bit of imagination, they can turn your backyard into a fairytale wonderland. Made with painted rocks or wood, these fairy doors are guaranteed to make your backyard sparkle.


2. Vine Wall

Have you ever seen those vines that grow up the sides of someone’s house or railing and wonder how they have successfully grown something so beautiful? Well, there’s a secret behind everything, and there is something to make growing your own vine easy! Plant your vine wherever you’d like and purchase some netting. Hang the netting up near the vine, and as the vine grows, guide it toward the net. The vine will continue growing up the net all summer and leave you with a vine wall in your yard!

3. Tree Of Flower Pots

Okay. I don’t think I have seen anything cuter than this! This tree is made solely of flower pots and a little stand, and it is absolutely adorable! Set it up against a fence or the wall of your house to add some natural color to your backyard and fall in love with it! You can find one here.

4. Watering Can With Fairy Lights

If you loved the fairy door, then you will definitely love this backyard decoration! Add more magic to your backyard by creating this DIY watering can with fairy lights! With just a garden hook, a watering can, and fairy lights, you can create this magical summer decoration yourself and add some light and magic to your backyard this summer.

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5. Bicycle Flower Basket

Do you have an old bicycle that you don’t use anymore? Are you in love with the look of a vintage bicycle with old wicker baskets? Then you will adore this backyard decoration! This bicycle flower basket is so unique and absolutely precious! You can securely hang the bicycle on a fence or the side of you house, or simply stand it up on your lawn. Once you decide where you would like it, plant all the flowers you’d like and enjoy!

6. Cup Pong Stands

If you are one to party – and throw parties, for that matter – then your backyard absolutely NEEDS some of these homemade cup pong stands! Not only will these stands make your party nights a lot easier, but they will keep your outdoor table clean and hold the cups in place to keep the contents from spilling! Watch your friends go crazy and fight over who has the next game.


7. Mason Jar Citronella Candles

Who doesn’t hate mosquitos in the summer? Citronella candles actually work, but sometimes they can kill your backyard vibe. You can make your own citronella candles using Mason jars and some rope this summer! Collect your supplies and decorate your backyard with these unique mosquito-repelling Mason jar citronella candles!

Which unique backyard decoration are you going to try this summer? Let us know down below!

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