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Cute and Unique Pets To Own

Cute and Unique Pets To Own

Cute and Unique Pets to Own

With the explosion of social media, a lot of people have taken to the internet to show off their cute and unique pets. People slowly began to share their story of how they came to own their unique pets and share their everyday hobbies and stories with audiences. These stories have inspired others into looking into getting some unique pets of their own. While you’re more typical pets such as dogs and cats still dominate the majority, we’ll get an occasional household that has some pets that you just wouldn’t expect to see. Let’s take a look at some cute and unique pets to add to your family.


  • Axolotls have been taking the world by storm more recently. Go out to the mall and take a look around to see how many shirts and stuffed animals you noticed that are based off these cute and tiny animals. Axolotls are a great first pet for someone looking for an easy yet unique companion. Axolotls don’t need walks or lots of pets, they just need a nice tank with water for them to submerge in. There are a few specifics to know when caring for an Axolotl such as lighting and temperature. Their food supply can be found at any common fishing supply store for fairly cheap. These creatures make for lots of fun as they are very entertaining to watch, and they are also very sociable pets.


  • Hedgehogs are adorable little pets to have but require a lot more maintenance than you might think. These tiny little creatures don’t live much for human interaction and can become scared or anxious very easily. Being such delicate creatures can make for less personal time with the hedgehog. As long as you clean their area and keep them fed and hydrated then these pets will surely get used to their new home. These creatures have specific diets and freedom that they need to stay happy and healthy. If you keep close contact with your vet and prioritize the needs of your hedgehog then before you know it, you can have your little guy running around your home.



  • Now raccoons are some of the more crazy out of all the unique pets. These animals are very high maintenance and very unpredictable. You need to have a lot of patience and time put into the nurturing and care of these animals. A lot of people would advise from having one as a pet, but if you truly put effort into their development then they can become very entertaining companions. Raccoons need lots of toys and time to run around and play. They are very playful creatures that need their freedom and time to be a normal animal. They also need the right diets that have the right nutrients for them to properly grow. They tend to have the more curious and wondering nature that cats have with the force and weight of a dog. You can see how a lot of accidents might occur.


  • Pygmy and Dwarf goats make for some very cute and cuddly pets to have in your household. One thing to do before buying a goat is to create a safe fencing area around your property to prevent the goats getting their heads stuck or hurting themselves. You need to make sure that the temptation of exploring is limited. Goats like to run around and tend to escape a lot, so be very careful in how loose your fencing is. Goats have horn and this leads to the decision of having your goats disbudded or not. Stay in touch with a trusted vet and understand the risks of disbudding before making any decisions. Goats are very fun pets to have running around but they can also be very clumsy. They do get along well with other pets and become very playful if you give them the time to get to know your other pets. Look up videos of goats and dogs playing together, and you will most definitely want to buy one.

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Squirrel Monkey

  • Squirrel monkeys are very fun pets to own that tend to live longer than most pets. Be prepared to commit at least 20 to 25 years to these lovable creatures. These pets might be the ones that are a little harder to get accustomed to. They require a lot of freedom and outdoor presence. A lot of owners have a large backyard with an outside play area for these pets to run around in. Dedicate a lot of time and money to these little pets to ensure their safety and health. These creatures tend to mark their territories a lot and require a lot of cleaning. They also like to throw things so having lots of toys made for them to throw around would be best. As said, a larger backyard is preferred for these pets. A lot of these animals tend to end up in shelters because a lot of owners don’t realize hoe much care and work go into owning one of these creatures. Please know the terms before committing to getting one of these lovable little pets.


  • One of the more common of all the unique pets, pigs have made their way into the more common house held pets. These little creatures are so cute and lovable. They are very smart, so they learn very quickly how do behave and how to adapt to certain things. As much as people say that pigs are dirty animals, they actually like to keep themselves as clean as possible. While they might like to get dirty while playing, you shouldn’t have too much trouble giving them a bath. Pigs also become very attached to their owners making them great companions to have. In many cases, pigs have saved their owners from drowning and have even been aware of sickness and diseases. If you have ever wanted to play video games with your pets, then pigs might be your best bet. There have been studies to show that pigs love joystick games. These little creatures make for some of the most lovable and warm of all the unique pets out there.