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6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

Climate change, as unfortunate as it is, has been upon us for a while now, which means it’s time to use your money and time to save the planet. Our parents have done us wrong in a lot of ways, but putting this extra burden on us just isn’t fair.

Luckily, there are plenty of cheap, easy, and super cute ways to help the environment. All of the products listed are super easy to find, and they’re ones you can actually feel good about using. You’ll definitely want to brag to all your friends about your new eco-conscious lifestyle!

Use A Glass Straw

Seattle was the first city to ban plastic straws, and New York City plans to hop on that bandwagon in 2020. There’s a reason these major cities are turning their back on the evil that is plastic. An astonishing number of straws end up in waterways, so turtles, whales, and plenty of other sea creatures eat them, or they get stuck in their noses so they can’t breathe.

Help save the planet by investing in some pretty glass straws you can carry with you wherever you go. I use mine, again and again, knowing I’m staying stylish while doing good. You can sip guilt-free, and I guarantee you’ll have others asking where they can get a set, too.

6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

Buy A Bamboo Utensils Set

If you’re a college student or even a recent graduate, you’re probably obsessed with takeout. Who has time to sit down in an actual restaurant these days anyways? You’ll save the planet if you ditch the plastic utensils in favor of wood or bamboo ones. Stick a set in your purse, so you’re prepared for any situation.

6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

Get A Corkcicle Canteen

I am obsessed with my Corkcicle, not only can it fit an entire bottle of wine, but they come in such fun colors and a variety of sizes so you can drink in style. A lot of coffee shops offer a small discount if you bring your own cup, which is an added bonus. You get to save money AND the planet while also looking cute, who wouldn’t want to sign up for that?!

6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

Shop Your Local Farmers Market

Every city I know of has its own version of a farmers market, even NYC! You can find fresh fruit and veggies straight from locals, or cool crafts from artists in your area. If you look at the labels in a regular supermarket, you’ll notice so many products come from other states, or worse, foreign countries. That requires so much gas for transportation, and they’ve probably been loaded with pesticides and other chemicals to keep them fresh along the way.

Visiting your local farmers market not only saves the planet, but it also gives you the chance to take some super cute Instagram photos!

6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

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Be Wary of Swimsuits With Microplastics

Swimsuits can be ridiculously expensive, so I understand the appeal of heading to Target and stocking up on cute suits for summer that won’t take a massive chunk out of your paycheck. However, a lot of cheap suits contain microplastics, which end up in oceans and rivers, killing a lot of fish within them. Invest in a swimsuit that won’t harm sea creatures, and you’ll help save the planet so you can feel so much better about the environment on your next beach vacay. 

6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

Vote, Vote, Vote!

This is THE most important tip to help save the planet. Big corporations are the biggest polluters, so if you vote for a candidate that’s dedicated to making massive environmental changes, you’ll be making a big step in helping the environment.

This doesn’t mean you have to declare yourself a member of the Green Party, it just means you should be more conscious about how dedicated politicians are to helping save the planet. Do proper research next time you vote, our world needs all the help it can get! Don’t forget, voting is the sexiest thing you can do.

6 Cute And Stylish Ways To Help Save The Planet

How are you going to save the planet? What do you think of these trendy ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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