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15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

As students get ready to head back to school in the fall, it’s time to start thinking about shopping for college necessities, including back to school gadgets. When going back to school, it always seems important to stock up on all the snacks you can, along with extra pens and notebooks (just in case you actually need them for the first day of classes). It’s also a good time to shop for some gadgets that might make going back to school seem more fun. So, here are 15 cute and stylish back to school gadgets!

1. Fossil Smart Watches

Available in a ton of different styles and options for bands, Fossil’s smart watches might as well have become the new must-have watch. I remember first discovering Fossil through their accessories. They always had great options for everyday purses and wallets. Now, they have smartwatches. While you may already own an Apple watch, or one that pairs with your phone, Fossil’s smartwatches are the next best thing. Powered by “Wear OS by Google,” their smartwatches are fashionable as ever and function just like any modern-day watch should. When shopping for one of their smartwatches, you will find there is a wide variety of designs. Whether you want a classic watch look with stainless steel, a sporty look, or a leather band, there’s something for everyone.

They’re compatible with iPhones and Androids, and give you all the notifications and functions you’d have on your phone (alarms, texts, music, emails, etc.) These watches take a cool spin on your classic, everyday watch, are totally worth checking out for one of the coolest back to school gadgets.


15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

Going back to school shopping can be a lot of fun, and might even make you think of decor and gadgets to get for your room that you didn’t before. Essential oil diffusers are a great way to bring some lovely aromas to your room, without lighting a candle or using incense. You can find essential oil diffusers in stores and online. They vary in price depending on what kind you get, but you can get ones on the less expensive side at stores like TJ Maxx, and they will work just as well. What is great about essential oil diffusers is they add a little bit of decor to your living space, while bringing in a scent of your choice depending on the oil you add to your water (lavender, peppermint, lemon, etc.) You can find packs of essential oils for sale at stores like Target and TJ Maxx if you decide you want to try out some new smells in your room.

15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets


3. Mirror Bluetooth Speaker

It’s a must to have a mirror in your room that you can use to do your makeup. Whether it’s a vanity mirror or a long mirror on the back of your door – it’s essential. Now, you can find mirrors with bluetooth speakers built in. This means getting ready for class can actually be fun, and we no longer have to play music from our phones on our desks. You can find mirrors with bluetooth speakers built in on Urban Outfitters or Amazon. Having a mirror to do your contour in while also being able to answer a phone call on it is a modern invention that is perfect for people who multitask, or are in a rush to get ready. 
15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

4. Roku

Let’s be honest, no one is really watching cable TV in college. Actually, it seems that just about everyone is watching Netflix or Hulu. Having Roku streaming service makes it easy to have access to thousands of movies and shows through apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV, etc. You will obviously have to pay for subscriptions for whichever streaming services you want to use, but having a streaming service makes it easier to have all your options in one place and stream your most binge-worthy shows.

5. String Lights

Having string lights in your apartment is an easy way to make your room look cozier and brighter. When shopping back to school, string lights are a great choice for subtle decor that make a big difference. What’s amazing about them is that they aren’t all the same, and they are pretty cheap when it comes to cost. You can find lights that are made for clipping photos onto them to put around your room. You can also find string lights that are made with fake leaves or vines on them. Or, keep it simple with plain string lights that can light up your room whenever they’re on.


15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

You’ve probably seen instant cameras everywhere by now, and back to school is definitely the time to buy one of these trendy and cute gadgets. They come in a ton of colors, can fit in your purse, and provide you with photos of memories in seconds. They’re a great way to capture fun times with your friends in college and have something more sentimental than just a photo on your phone. They also can make a cool addition to your room if you decide to clip the photos to string lights. You can find the Fujifilm Instax cameras at stores like Urban Outfitters or Best Buy. 15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

7. Wireless Headphones

You don’t have to buy AirPods to have wireless headphones. You can find wireless earbuds from a lot of different retailers, and they work just as well. The best part about wireless headphones is the absence of strings hanging from your ears and getting tangled. You can make wireless headphones even more stylish than just the plain white AirPods by seeing which stores (like Best Buy) sell headphones that are available in other colors. If you like the look and quality of your AirPods (since they are pretty great), you can find cute and stylish AirPods cases on Etsy, Urban Outfitters, Casetify, etc.

15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

8. Tile

By now, I’m sure a lot of people have heard of Tile. It’s that small little device that can help you keep track of things. With that said, it’s a much needed gadget for students going back to school. Let’s face it, it’s easy to misplace your phone or your keys. It can also be frustrating trying to find what you’re looking for. With the Tile tracker, you can find items like your remote, keys, and wallet when you misplace them. You can even press the Tile to find your phone if you think you’ve lost it. So yes, this is a cute and stylish back to school gadget and it’s also a smart one to have.

15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

9. Apple Watch

Having a watch that connects with your iPhone has been out for a while. And, they never seem to go out of style. It makes it easy to receive notifications, texts, and emails on the go while also serving as a stylish gadget for back to school and for everyday wear.

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10. Turntable

While most of us have Spotify or Apple Music accounts, there is nothing cooler than having a turntable.  They were cool decades ago, and they’re just as cool now. Turntables make for the habit of creating records from your favorite artists and bands and listening to them in a new way. It also makes for a great gadget to have in your room at school for listening to music.

11. iPhone Grip

We’ve seen a lot of phones that have the Popsockets on the back of them. Having a grip and stand on your phone makes it easy to hold onto your phone, and also flip it sideways to watch videos or shows. Instead of trying to stand your iPhone on something so it won’t fall, you can use a Popsocket to keep it still. They come in a ton of colors and designs and make for a cute and stylish back to school gadget.

15 Cute And Stylish Back To School Gadgets

12. iPad

Carrying a computer to class can make for some unwanted heaviness in your backpack. While, on the other hand, having an iPad makes it easy to take notes in class and do schoolwork on a much smaller version of a laptop. iPads can be purchased with keyboards and have compatible pens that make it easier to scroll and write so your fingers don’t have to. They make for a stylish, yet helpful gadget when it comes to back to school.

13. Around-Ear Headphones

AirPods are wireless, and so are around-ear headphones. They were in style once, and they definitely are again. Now in a lot of different colors, and from many brands including Bose and Beats, around-ear headphones can make for a retro look. And the best part? They are sure to stay around your ears all day. They promise great sound and are definitely a must back for going back to school.

14. Bluetooth Speaker

You can’t really go wrong with having a bluetooth speaker. It makes for an easier time cleaning the house (or dorm), working out, or just doing work from home. It can be used for any occasion where music plays in the background.

15. Smart TV

If you are looking for a TV to go in your room, a smart TV seems like the way to go nowadays. It feels like all everyone is talking about is what they watch on Netflix, not on cable TV. Finding a TV that has Netflix and Hulu built into it can make for an awesome back to school gadget for when you just want to relax and watch a movie or binge your favorite show in your free time.

What are your favorite back to school gadgets? Do you have any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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