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Cute And Natural Makeup Looks For Your Eye Color

Cute And Natural Makeup Looks For Your Eye Color

Cute And Natural Makeup Looks For Your Eye Color

Although we’re all beautiful without makeup, wearing it can enhance our natural features. Yet, everyone’s natural features are different and there are so many different looks to try, so how do we know which makeup look is best for us?

We can start by picking a makeup look that will enhance our natural eye color. Below I have put together some cute and natural makeup looks that will be perfect for your eye color, whether it’s blue, green, brown, or hazel! These looks are simple and easy, perfect to add just a little natural sparkle to your every day look.

Brown Eyes

When doing makeup for brown eyes, you’ll want to go with warmer and more earthy tones. Brown will go with anything but for a natural look that will really make your eyes pop, you’ll want to stick with eyeshadows that are a little more earthy toned.


To begin you can start with a tinted moisturizer closest to your skin tone and then set it with some loose powder. Then apply your favorite light pink blush and the warmer eyeshadow colors.

Just a little bit of a shimmery metallic color will also lighten up the inner corner and center of your eyelid if you like. Then apply your favorite black mascara. The deep color of the mascara will really make your brown eyes pop!

If you aren’t one for eyeshadow, that’s totally ok! A fun trick for an easy and natural makeup look is to double your blush or bronzer for your eyeshadow. This will give your skin a natural and sun kissed look, and the pinky shade of the blush will make your beautiful brown eyes stand out.


Blue Eyes

There are many great makeup looks for blue eyes, but if you’re wanting to stick to the more natural side of things, then this look is perfect for you! To enhance your blue eyes you’ll want to stick to more copper and bronze shades. Lighter pinks, browns, and reds will also look amazing with blue eyes, as well as a dark eyeliner and black mascara.

For this look you will again stick with tinted moisturizer (unless you want to use foundation), and then set with your favorite powder under the eyes. You’ll apply the more neutral bronze eyeshadow to your eyelids, and then highlight the inner corner and center with a shimmery copper or gold color. Don’t forget mascara, but it’s totally alright if you don’t wear any!


Then you will go in with a nice pink blush and your favorite bronzer. Again, you could also just use your blush as eyeshadow for an even more natural look. The pink of your blush will complement the blue in your eyes beautifully!

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Green Eyes

Green eyes are similar to blue eyes in that they both go well with makeup looks that include warmer colors like, pinks and brownish reds. For a cute and natural look, you can start again with your base of tinted moisturizer and powder.

Then cover the entire lid with a warmer tone like a natural pink or brownish red shade. This will really make the green in your eyes pop! You can add your favorite highlight to the inner corner of the eye as well as the brow bone and top of your cheek bone for an extra sparkle when you’re in the light.

Next add a touch of blush to your cheeks and your favorite bronzer if you like. Be sure to brush the blush not only over your cheek bones, but a bit over your nose too. This will give you a more natural “sunburned” look, as if you’ve spent just the right amount of time in the sun!


Hazel Eyes Work Great With This Look As Well

This makeup look is perfect for hazel eyes as well! And as with all of these makeup looks, black mascara will add nice definition that will enhance your beautiful eyes, whatever color they may be.

From blue eyes to brown eyes, we’ve got you covered with some great makeup looks that are perfect for your eye color. Let us know which cute and natural look you choose in the comments below!

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