Cute And Easy Hairstyles For When The Heat Is Unbearable

The summer sun always seems like a blessing, but then your hair reminds you of just how hot the sun can really be, and before you know it, your fresh curls are thrown up into a messy bun to keep you cool in the heat. But just because the sun prevents you from wearing your curls down your back doesn’t mean it can stop you from rocking other cute and easy summer hairstyles!

New hair trends have been popping up all over the place, social media, music festivals, the beach, even at the grocery store, and it’s time you try them out yourself! Here are some cute and easy hairstyles for you to try this summer:

1. Hair Clips And Barrettes

Considered the top hair trend of 2019, clipping your hair back and keeping it out of your face with colorful and trendy barrettes is just one way to style your hair and stay cool this summer. Stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have already prepared for this new trend and stocked up on colorful clips that you can purchase! Try layering the clips to add more color and style.

2. Multiple Scrunchie Ponytail

For those of you with super long hair, this easy hairstyle is for you. Sometimes one scrunchie just isn’t enough to hold all of that hair back and keep it off of your skin. Stock up on cute scrunchies this summer and try this multiple scrunchie ponytail out! By layering scrunchies down the length of your hair, it keeps your hair contained and holds it back to keep it off of your skin and make sure you stay cool in the summer heat.

3. Scrunchie Space Buns

Space buns have been a trend for awhile now, but have you ever tried to hold your space buns together with matching scrunchies? Another hairstyle that has been named a 2019 summer trend, these scrunchie space buns will not only keep you cool in the summer heat, but they are an excellent go-to for all of those summer concerts and festivals you will undoubtedly be attending!

4. Chop It Off!

Yes, cutting your hair is absolutely TERRIFYING! What if you cut it too short? What if you miss your long hair? What if you end up completely hating your new haircut? Well, those are all risks you will have to take if you go for this style! Perhaps the easiest way to stay cool this summer is to take a leap and get a haircut! Not only can you try some cute, short hairstyles, but when you are feeling too lazy to style your hair, it is already short enough to keep you cool!

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5. Dutch Braid Pigtails

It seems that braids have always been the go-to easy hairstyle to stay warm every summer, so how can you change it up a bit? These Dutch braid pigtails are your answer! Simply Dutch braid your hair until you reach your neck, then throw the rest into little pigtails to keep your hair off your neck and stay cool in the heat! You can even dress it up a bit by curling the ends of your pigtails or adding barrettes or scrunchies to your look.

6. Basic Messy Bun

Everyone’s favorite summer hairstyle – the basic messy bun is quick and easy, and it definitely helps keep you cool in the summer heat. Go casual and toss your hair up with a ponytail or make it a little fancier with a ribbon or scrunchie! Either way, this hairstyle has been around for so long because not only is it easy and simple, but it works at keeping you cool.

What is your go-to summer hairstyle for when the heat is unbearable?

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Taylor Smith

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