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Cute And Easy First Year Anniversary Ideas

Cute And Easy First Year Anniversary Ideas

The first year anniversary is a huge deal and is definitely a milestone that should be celebrated! You know your significant other best, and you know what they like so you ultimately have the best idea on what to do for it. But we’ve come up with a few cute and easy first year anniversary ideas to get the creative juices flowing and inspire you for your exciting day.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Go to all places you two have made memories, or go on one you made for them to a special location the two of you shared a special moment. Have fun with this and get as creative and sentimental as you want!

You could make the scavenger hunt for them to go on alone with a friend (who helped plan the scavenger hunt) and you be at the final destination with a cute dinner set up at a spot that holds value to the two of you. Write out cute clues and notes at each spot you send them to, and make each spot be one where you either did something cute or significant with each other or where things were said that hold a lot of meaning for the two of you.


The content of this idea will rely mostly on your brain and the memories you’ve made with your significant other, but this is one of the anniversary ideas that will allow reflection on the past year and bring up great memories the two of you made.

Cute And Easy First Year Anniversary Ideas

2. Prom

This is one of the cute and easy anniversary ideas that you can quickly put together the day of. You need to gather your supplies beforehand, which can definitely be the day before, butĀ  Maybe y’all didn’t go to prom together because you met after high school. It’s cute and easy to make your place look like a high schools prom night! You two can dance the night away, make a tasty punch, get all dressed up, eat a nice dinner – throw your own prom just for the two of you.


This is one of those anniversary ideas that’s super cute and you can save the decorations if you want to throw a prom party! It’s a cute and easy way to celebrate your love and is also fun for the two of you.

Cute And Easy First Year Anniversary Ideas

3. Memory Box

This one can work if you prepare months in advance. You can do this with a weeks worth of planning, but people are busy ya know. Gather all pictures you have togethers, any sentimental items from past dates or trips you’ve gone on and put them in a box you decorated that will have meaning to them. If you’ve been saving stuff from when you first started dating, but had no intentions of sharing it with them because the thought never crossed your mind, this is a perfect idea for you. You can quickly and easily put the items together and gift them a lovely and cute box full of memories. You can then keep adding to it as the years go on which is super cute and this can be one of those annual anniversary ideas that you two revisit each year.


Cute And Easy First Year Anniversary Ideas

4. Re-create your first date

I feel like this one is a classic. Maybe your original first date went super well, maybe it crashed and burned and (you’re super grateful but) you’re asking yourself, “Why are they still with me.” Well now you can make it better or woo them again!

The easy factor on this depends on what your first date was and if you can actually recreate it. I think you can recreate any date, just transform your living room into a mini replication of the date. That will involve planning ahead of time and getting or making props, backgrounds, food, music, etc.. If you went out to a place, you can go there again!


If your first date was a total fail, it’s up to you where you want to take it – make it a joke, seriously try to make it better, or recreate it and see what they think. They obviously still like you and didn’t let a bad first date change their feelings for you, so don’t worry about it! You could even recreate your first date into how you wish it had gone! And then end with but I wouldn’t change our first date, because look where we are now.” Which is cheesy AF but it’s also super sweet.

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This anniversary idea is one of the anniversary ideas that requires more planning, but can be done and when done right, will be super sweet. Your significant other won’t forget your first anniversary and it’s all thanks to your idea and you two sticking by each other’s side.


5. Write A Song

Cute? Yes. Easy? It can be!

Writing a song sounds intimidating, but if you love planning ahead, you can easily write a short little tune for your significant other over the span of three months. For the lyrics, use text messages you’ve sent each other. It can be funny, sweet, or romantic. Go for whatever you know would make them happiest. For the melody or tune, look up royalty free music and try to get something to go along with it! Or if you’re musically inclined, come up with your own simple chord progression and get to writing!

This can technically be done the night before for those procrastinators, but can also be planned a few months in advance like I mentioned earlier if you wanna go all out and make a music video or recording of it!


6. Spa Night

After you’ve spent the day together, or if it falls on a day where you’re unable to spend the day together, prep your bathroom, bedroom and living room and turn it into a spa. Break out the face masks, oils, scrubs, hot towels and eye masks. Start the night out with a quick shower to wash off all the dirt and sweat from the day, then fill the tub up and soak in it for a bit. After the bath, you two can take turns giving each other manicures and pedicures (they don’t always involve nail painting) with a face or eye mask on to soothe your skin. Then you can move onto full-body massages if you want and are willing to!

This is perfect for the couples that are busy on the day of their anniversary and want to relax and spend some quality time with each other while pampering the other person. This anniversary idea is one of the more romantic anniversary ideas and an easy way to show how much you love each other!

At the end of the day, you know your significant other best and what they would really love. These are just a few firstĀ  anniversary ideas that would be cute and easy to do if you have no idea what to do! Hopefully this sparked a great idea or is what you’re going to do for your first anniversary! Let us know in the comments if you plan on using any of these anniversary ideas or what you suggest people try out!

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