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8 Cute And Dainty Tattoo Ideas You Should Consider Getting

8 Cute And Dainty Tattoo Ideas You Should Consider Getting

There are plenty of reasons to go out and get a tattoo. Some of these reasons are that they are perfect for commemorating any occasion, they act as great reminders, and they add style to any look. Not to mention, getting tattooed is simply a super fun experience to have under your belt! Finding a reason to get tattooed isn’t the hard part though, it is searching for and committing to a tattoo idea that can be really challenging. A tattoo is a lifetime commitment, so you want to be sure to find an idea that fits you perfectly. You want to be able to stare at your tattoo with a look of pride, not regret. With that said, if you have thought long and hard about the type of tattoo style you want and find yourself leaning towards getting something that is cute and dainty, this list of tattoo ideas is just for you! The tattoo ideas shown on this list are more feminine looking – they incorporate the use of delicate lines and feature little to no shading. These tattoo ideas are perfect for those that would consider themselves to be a minimalist. They are simplistic and, due to that, give off a sort of timeless elegance (which is perfect since you are going to have this piece of artwork on you forever). So, without further ado, here is a list of 8 cute and dainty tattoo ideas!

1. Flower Tattoo

Simple and elegant, a floral tattoo is often a solid option to go with! It is cute and there is an array of options to choose from. You can get one flower tattooed or you can get a full bouquet! Each flower also has a different meaning, so you might want to look that up to see which flower choice is right for you! You could even get your favorite person’s birth-month flower tattoed on you! This is just one of the cute and dainty tattoo ideas from this list that you simply cannot go wrong with. 

2. Angel-Wing Tattoo

This little angel-wing tattoo idea is unique and trendy!  Although it is placed on the ankle in the example photo below, another popular spot to get an angel-wing tattooed is on one’s finger. It is super small, but it is definitely cute enough to draw attention! This tattoo is heavenly and you should consider getting it to add an innocent, angelic flair to your look. 


3. Date Tattoo

Have a special year in mind that you want to commemorate? Another solid tattoo idea that you won’t regret getting is an important date! You can tattoo just the year (like how the girl pictured below did) or you can tattoo the entire date (including the month, day, and year) in Roman numerals. There are so many ways to go about tattooing a date so as to make it just right for you!  This is a cute and dainty tattoo idea that is pleasing to the eye and it is one you will definitely treasure. 

4. Evil Eye Tattoo

If you are into edgy and minimal tattoo work, this is probably one of the best cute and dainty tattoo ideas out there for you! This evil eye tattoo is sure to ward off negativity and ill-intent. It is so simple yet so adorable, and it is sure to elicit some oo’s and ahh’s from your friends. 

5. Inspirational Quote Tattoo

Find yourself repeating a specific quote to yourself again and again for reassurance? Or perhaps you recently read a quote that has stuck with you? Either way, if you are a lover of words or in search of a tattoo that is personal/special to you, I would highly suggest getting an inspirational quote tattoo. A simple and adorable example of this is the “self-love” tattoo shown below. It is written in a cute cursive, fine-line font and it serves as a good reminder to practice self-love. If you are someone that finds it difficult to remember to put yourself first sometimes, then this tattoo idea is definitely for you!

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6. Space Themed Tattoo

This tattoo seems very Disney-esque to me, as it reminds me of Peter Pan for some reason. So, if you love Disney and love space, then you should try out this space-themed tattoo! However, even if you don’t like Disney (which would be bizarre since I have never actually met someone that didn’t like Disney even just a little bit), a space-themed tattoo might still be the right option for you. A dainty star design like this is perfect for someone who wants to give out a more whimsical vibe. You could even get the stars tatted in the form of your favorite constellation! 

7. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies often stand as a symbol of change, so getting a butterfly tattoo is especially perfect for someone who has recently gotten through a period of metamorphosis or is going through change currently. This cute and dainty butterfly design shown below is sure to get you some attention. The delicate linework really captures the fragile nature that butterflies display in real life. It is a beautiful, classic option that you are sure to love!


8. Sea Related Tattoo

If you find that you are drawn to the ocean and are often considered a “water-child,” it should come as a no-brainer that you should look into getting a sea-related tattoo. This design which consists of a sea-shell with a pearl is one of the most unique sea-related tattoos that I could find. It is small enough to be placed anywhere and, regardless of where you place it, it is sure to add a hint of simple femininity to your look. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get one of these cute and dainty tattoo ideas that you are sure to love ASAP! Let us know in the comments which idea you are going to try out and share with us the jealous and stunned reactions you receive once you do! 

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