22 Things You Need For A Cute And Cozy Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom may be tough, and it can difficult to know where to start. These are a few things you'll need to get for a cute and cozy bedroom!

Your bedroom is a place where you will spend a lot of your time, so, more than ever, you should feel warm and cozy the minute you walk in. Here are 22 things you’ll need for a cute and cozy bedroom! Always feel free to personalize them to fit everything to your own style; this is your place.

1. Adjust the lights.

Stringing fairy lights or even placing soft glowing lamps around your room projects a warm glow over everything and helps create a soothing space. Skip the overhead lighting and, instead, place a couple lamps on either side of your bed. One of my favorite pieces is the Himalayan salt lamp, which has been proven to boost your mood and promote sleep.


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2. Bring on the blankets.

Obviously if you want a warm room, there is nothing like snuggling up in some of your favorite blankets. You can never have too many throws, and it is an added bonus if they are in different colors and textures to add some variety as well.


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3.  Layer plush rugs.

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, sink your toes into a rug every morning for some added comfiness.

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4. Pile on the pillows.

Similar to the throw blankets, throw pillows are great to layer and add texture with a variety of color and patterns. Also, you can never have too many!


5. Add a reading or music nook.

Window seats are great to cuddle up and read, but you can also add a comfy tufted chair for the same effect. For the perfect music nook add a record player or an acoustic guitar for the cozy vibe and display your books for the perfect reading nook.


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6. Opt for soft and neutral colors.

Soft colors add a calming tone to any room, and feel free to go above and beyond by adding metallic and vintage accents.

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7. Go all white.

Rather than being stiff, having everything white can make you feel as though you are at the spa or sleeping on a cloud.

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8. Invest in a good mattress.

You’re going to spend the majority of your day in bed, so why not splurge on where you snooze? The same goes for your bedding; don’t skimp out and you won’t be sorry when you climb into bed.

9. Add some art.

Hanging artwork on the walls, whether they’re paintings or photographs, can help make your room more welcoming and cozy. Artwork can also help define you and who you are, which is important in any room.


10. Mix it up with some patterned wallpaper.

In addition to artwork, patterned wallpaper adds a splash of color to an otherwise dull room and can add a warm and cozy vibe.


11. Add a canopy.

Nothing is more cozy than feeling like you’re sleeping in your own fortress. Works perfectly with some fairy lights and a tapestry as well!

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12. Clear out the clutter.

When your desk is piled with papers or your nightstand is covered in old water bottles (we all know it happens) it is hard to truly relax in your space.

13. Don’t forget to make your bed.

It is one of the simplest things, but it can make your room feel so much more put together.

14. Bring the outdoors in.

I love flowers and other plants to make my room feel as cozy as possible.


15. A record player or speaker.

Music is one of the most relaxing things to listen to after a long day and there is definitely a song for every mood. Invest in a good record player or speaker.


16. Add curtains.

When it is time to be up and about, let the sunshine in; and when it is time to sleep, draw them closed for a comfy nighttime feel. There are also so many ways you can tie them into the rest of your room decor.


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17. Faux fur.

A fur blanket or pillow adds some extra Hollywood style glamour that is a necessity during Netflix binge sessions.


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18. Consider a tufted headboard.

You can even make one yourself!

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19. Switch out your sheets.

Flannel sheets are great for the winter, but way too hot for the summer, in which case, linen would be more appropriate. So consider switching them out when the temperature changes.

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20. Bring in vintage or antique pieces.

You don’t always have to go buy brand new pieces to make a room feel cozy. Plus, hunting for the perfect pieces is always a good time and sometimes way cheaper!

21. Warm and cozy scents.

Add some candles in your favorite scents to really add to the warm and cozy vibe.

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22. Wear your coziest pajamas.

Last but not least, throwing on your comfiest clothes can truly help you relax and feel warm and cozy in your space, so invest in a good pair.

These are 22 things you’ll definitely need for a cute and cozy bedroom! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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