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Cute and Comfy Outfits for Thanksgiving

Cute and Comfy Outfits for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will always be all about the food, so here are come cute and comfy outfit ideas so you can eat all you want in style!

No matter what your Thanksgiving plans are this year, the key to the perfect ensemble is pairing pieces that work together to form cute AND comfy outfits. No one wants to be fidgeting with too-tight pants as they collapse onto the couch to sleep off the Thanksgiving feast. But then again, sweatpants and tees aren’t exactly the most flattering option to sport at the holiday get together. Instead, consider wearing one of these cute and comfy outfits to feel good (and look good) all day long. Whether you’re planning on keeping your look casual, dressing up for your holiday feast or lounging around in front of the television after you’ve stuffed your tummy, we have the perfect looks that will ensure comfort all day through!

1. A Flowy Cardigan And Jeans

This go-to look is perfect for a casual Thanksgiving holiday with the fam! The loose cardigan is great for wrapping yourself up in after you’ve finished your dinner and don’t want anyone seeing the dreaded bloat. Pair it with a loose tank and some comfy jeans, and don’t forget to add your favorite accessories like a plaid scarf or a necklace! You can’t go wrong with these cute and comfy outfits!


This flowy cardigan and light wash jeans are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!   This super cute plaid scarf goes perfect with this green cardigan!

This patchwork cardigan is perfect for Thanksgiving paired with suede ballet flats!   This beige cardigan and gold monogrammed necklace are so cute for Thanksgiving!

2. A Cozy Sweater Dress

If you’re looking to get dressed up for your Thanksgiving meal, but still want maximum comfort, the sweater dress is the perfect combination of the two of these. The soft loose fabric will feel like a lifesaver after you eat, so go ahead and have that second plate! Pair the dress with some over-the-knee boots to create a trendy and stylish ensemble.


This fuzzy sweater dress and these black knee high boots are so cute and comfy for Thanksgiving!   I love these burgundy over the knee boots for Thanksgiving!

This burgundy sweater dress is such a cute and comfy outfit for Thanksgiving!

3. The Classic Comfort Look

Are you more of a leggings and sweater girl? Me too. This clothing couple are a match made in heaven, especially for Thanksgiving. A thick knit sweater will keep you warm all night long, while leggings will nicely conform to your growing belly. For some extra pizzazz, opt for faux leather leggings and dress it up with your favorite pair of boots!


This grey turtleneck paired with leggings is great for Thanksgiving!   This sweater paired with leggings and and knee high socks is so cute and comfy for Thanksgiving!

I love this beige sweater matched with these knee high boots for Thanksgiving!

4. If You’re A Plaid Girl

It seems like plaid is always the print of choice once the colder weather finally hits, maybe because it’s perfect for layering…after all who doesn’t love a good plaid flannel? Wear your flannel over a comfy t-shirt or layer it under a vest for a cute and comfy Thanksgiving outfit. Top it off with accessories of your choice and maybe some faux denim leggings to keep you comfy post-dinner! And if your item of choice isn’t a flannel, you can still incorporate the plaid with a warm blanket sweater or a cozy scarf!

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This plaid flannel and leggings is so cute and comfy for Thanksgiving!    This plaid flannel is super cute underneath this vest!

This plaid scarf goes perfect with this sweater and these tan riding boots!   This cute blanket sweater is a perfect outfit for Thanksgiving!

5. For Lounging Around After Dinner

Once all the desserts are gone and you’ve decided the left side of the couch is the perfect hibernation spot for the next few hours, you might want to slip into something super relaxed and cozy. Try some cute p.j. pants and a soft white tank to slowly slip away into your food coma.

This super cute and comfy outfit for Thanksgiving looks so cozy and warm!   These grey comfy pants and soft white t are the perfect cute and comfy outfit for Thanksgiving!

6. A Mix Of Texture

Looking for a dressier look that is still cute and comfy? These outfits should hit the spot! By mixing patterns, textures and incorporating fall’s most-loved hues, you’ve got a Thanksgiving outfit that will turn heads and be perfect for outfit selfies. Try some printed tights with a patterned skirt for a super cute look!


This burgundy skirt, striped shirt and yellow scarf are the perfect colors for Thanksgiving!   These sheer tights and tan riding boots with the grey cardigan are a cute and comfy outfit for Thanksgiving!

 *This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

What are your favorite cute and comfy outfit ideas for Thanksgiving? Let us know down below!
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