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21 Cute And Clever Roommate Gift Ideas

Whether it’s your first or last year living with your roommate, she can still be hard to shop for sometimes. Personal gifts are always thoughtful, but not necessarily practical. Here are a few cute and clever roommate gift ideas that are both fun and useful!

1. A gorgeous set of makeup brushes.

Does your roomie love to do her makeup? If so, any beauty junkie would love a pretty set of makeup brushes. Plus, there’s nothing cooler than mermaid themed brushes…


2. A cute outfit they’d never buy for themselves

Every girl needs a cute new outfit, but not everyone has the money for one. If your roommate has been complaining about how she has nothing to wear, pick her up an outfit from a reasonably priced store that you know she’ll love. You will for sure get the roommate of the year award.

3. Throw pillows are a comfy addition to the dorm room.

Pillows can make the space you’re living in homier, plus they add a decorative flare to the room. These are the cutest roommate gift ideas to spice up your dorm!

4. Succulents are beautiful and don’t require a lot.

Plants also add a nice accent to an area, but some girls may forget to water them. Buying succulents ensures that the vegetation is always in season while adding a little variety to your suitemate’s desk or windowsill.

5. You can never go wrong with coffee mugs!

College girls practically live off of coffee, so why not get your roomie another mug to add to her collection?

6. Cute Picture Frames.

Picture frames come in a variety of different sizes and colors, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Brownie points if you put in a picture of the two of you together! Definitely one of the cutest roommate gift ideas!

7. Nail polish in colors they don’t already have.

Nail polish brings out her personality, so you always want to make sure your roommate has enough colors to choose from.

8. A pair of socks for the wine lover.

Is everyday wine Wednesday for your roomie? If so, these socks are the perfect present for her.

9. Layering Boho Rings

These rings are perfect for that roommate who loves loading on the rings! And they look extra cute with a fresh manicure (the best combo for a killer Insta pic.)

10. A Bathroom Sign so it isn’t so plain.

Since you have to share a bathroom with her, you can give her a cute sign to spice up the boring bathroom wall.

11. Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books make even the simplest of spaces seem sophisticated. If your suitemate loves photography or art, then this is the perfect gift for her!

12. Headbands for every ocassion.

Headbands can be worn to the gym, to class, or to an internship. Putting one on is a stylish, subtle way to accessorize!

13. Laptop/Car Decals to match her interests.

Decals are an inexpensive way for her to show off her love for her school, favorite sports team, or cats. Plus, she’ll always be reminded of you whenever she opens her laptop or gets in her car!

14. A jewelry holder so they don’t lose their favorites.

Jewelry is often hard to keep track of when you’re living with a group of girls, so a holder is a practical way to differentiate between her jewelry and yours (even if you borrow some!) This roommate gift is a win-win.

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15. A coffee mug for the coffee lover

If you have a roommate who downs her 3rd cup of coffee before sunrise, it seems like this coffee mug would be pretty fitting as a gift!

16. This shot glass

Roomies who pregrame together stay together. Get her a shot glass that shows just how much appreciation you have for her.

17. A Set Of Bath Bombs for an at home spa experience.

This may not be the best idea if you don’t have a bathtub, but she can always take it home with her. Baths are a great way to de-stress, and adding a bath bomb will make it even more fun!

18. A cute baseball cap

Whether she’s having a bad hair day or just wants to look cute during the winter, a hat will add a staple piece to her daily outfit.

19. A new makeup bag to upgrade her old one.

If your roomie’s current bag is old (or too small for her ever-growing collection), then she will definitely appreciate a new one!

20. A scarf just in time for winter.

A scarf is a great statement accessory for the colder months. Make sure your suitemate looks good while staying warm!

21. A watch so she’s always on time.

Your suitemate will never be late again! Her wrist will always be glammed-out thanks to a brand new watch!


Do you have any potential ideas for a great roommate gift? Let us know in the comments!

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Are you going to get any of these roommate gift ideas for your roommate? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re on a budget for gifts, check these ideas out!

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