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8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are admittedly one of the sweetest gifts for BFFs to exchange. From a young age, my friends and I would make each other tokens commemorating our fun times together. Friendship bracelets are definitely one of the go to’s when it comes to gifts exchanged between pals but let’s explore some other options you might want to swap with your best buddies.

1. Tattoos

Now that you have finished primary school, plastic beads may feel a little passé for your grown up tastes. If it suits your tastes, friendship tattoos may be the new friendship bracelets to commemorate your years together. Hopefully, you will be quite sure that your friendship will last before getting inked.

For something less permanent, consider giving each other temporary tattoos first. It may even be a good idea to do this before getting inked for real.

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2. Stuffed Toys

When I was in grade two, my best friend and I were treated to a trip to the toy store. We were each allowed to choose one toy. Being best buddies led us to choose two bears that were the same model; she chose the blue one and I chose pink. For years after, even when we had grown apart, I would occasionally dig out my pink bear and remember the fun times we spent together.

If your BFF is the avocado to your toast, check out these adorable Jellycats.

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3. Notebooks

With so many luxurious, silly, and artsy notebooks for sale on the market, it is hard to overlook these as an option. I am sure you have that one friend who cannot stop buying notebooks. If you share this interest, perhaps you should consider getting matching notebooks to use either as journals or a place to share ideas.

Just like in Gilmore Girls when Lorelai and Rory had not had a chance to speak in awhile and Lorelai wrote down everything she wanted to say to Rory when she was not around, then when they were together, she was able to dig through the scraps of paper to catch up properly. If you are in a long-distance relationship with your friend, notebooks may be the way to go because not everything is best done over text.

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4. Phone Cases

Why not go full on millennial and get matching avocado toast phone cases for your best friend. Since friendship bracelets do not protect the vessel which allows you to post photos onto the internet, you might as well upgrade to a token of friendship that does.

If you have been friends since you were kids, perhaps your favourite cartoon characters might be more appropriate.

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5. Necklaces

If you actually really love friendship bracelets but maybe already have a pair, you might want to get matching necklaces as well! Matching lockets, crystals, and beads are only a few possibilities for what you and your friend can share. For a token of friendship that will physically lie close to your heart, consider wearing friendship necklaces.

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6. Socks

Socks are one of the best gifts anyone can receive so why not get your best friend (group) matching socks you can wear together during your slumber parties? One year for Christmas, I got myself and two friends matching socks with our favourite plant printed all over them. They were delighted! We wore them together almost every time we had a sleepover that year.

These pizza socks would be perfect for a friends who have regular pizza parties.

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7. Rings

Another jewellery item that comes to mind are rings. Like wedding rings but for friends, friendship rings do exist and can be adorable. If you and your friend are both ring people, this option would be appropriate. You can even have a friend wedding ceremony when you exchange the rings.

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8. Water Bottles

For the sake of your BFF’s hydration needs, consider getting matching water bottles. With so many pretty patterns, customizable designs, and quirky characters, you are sure to have a fun time shopping for something that will catch your eye. On your outings, you will be able to sip out of your trendy water containers together.

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As a symbol of your journey together, friendship bracelets are a great! They are a token from one friend to another commemorating the memories you share. You may, however, be looking for something different to exchange with your BFF. Hopefully, this list will spark your imagination for something appropriate to share with your old pal!

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