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12 Cute AF Water Bottles To Carry Everywhere

12 Cute AF Water Bottles To Carry Everywhere

It’s officially summer, which means we are probably always carrying around a water bottle or some iced drink wherever we go. While we need something cold to cool us off on the hot days, or to bring with us whenever we go on a walk, or head out on a car ride – we can definitely have our drinks in a reusable bottle that is good for the environment, and also easy to clean. Here’s 12 cute AF water bottles to carry everywhere.

Glacce Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

If you have a love for crystals, this may be your new favorite accessory. Found at Free People, the Glacce Crystal Elixir Water Bottle comes at an expensive price – but can be well worth it if you truly believe in the power of crystals (also, these water bottles are just beautiful). At $80, this water bottle has a unique crystal in it that is supposed to help you clear your mind and promote good vibes all around whenever you drink water out of it. Each crystal is different, so even if you get two rose quartz water bottles, they are not going to look entirely the same – which definitely contributes to this being so cute when it comes to water bottles, and makes it stand out from the rest. These water bottles are available with amethyst, smoky quartz, rose quartz, or clear quartz. So depending on what stone you’re looking for to send clarity to the mind and body, you have options to choose from.



You can’t go wrong with a Nalgene water bottle. They’re classic, they hold 32 oz of water, and they may not be the cutest water bottle when it comes to design – but what is so great about Nalgene is that they’re trendy and people often decorate them with stickers to make them unique. These durable water bottles will last forever.

Corkcicle Canteen

Available at shops such as The Paper Store, the Corkcicle Canteen is a popular reusable travel accessory when it comes to bringing water, coffee or tea with you wherever you go. Available in a ton of colors and designs, the Corkcicle Canteen keeps your cold drink from not sweating on the outside of the bottle, and makes sure your iced coffee doesn’t get warm, and your hot coffee doesn’t get ice cold after an hour. These canteens retail for under $40, but are well worth it but for a long lasting, reliable bottle that will keep your drink tasting good all day.


Bubba Tumblr With Straw

I found my Bubba water bottle with a reusable straw attached at Target on sale, and to be honest, I can’t leave the house without it. Whether I’m making iced coffee at home, or just putting water in it – this is seriously one of my favorite water bottles ever. It keeps my ice coffee cold and fresh all day, and the reusable straw is a total bonus.


Welly Bottle

Nothing better than using a reusable water bottle by a brand that is doing good for the planet too. The Welly water bottles can be found online on their website, Goop, or even at Free People (you can find all the cool designs on Welly’s website though). These water bottles have a simple design, and come in a few different sizes depending on what you’re looking for. Also, they have an infuser attached in the inside – HUGE perk, if you’re looking to drop some fruit in there to make your own flavored water. The bottom part of these water bottles makes Welly a unique brand, since it is made with renewable bamboo. So, yes – you can have a cute water bottle, make your own fruity water or iced tea, and have this water bottle stay cold for 24 hours.

goop x SOMA Glass Water Bottle

Let’s be real, goop has a ton of stuff – especially skincare products and candles, and they have their own water bottle too. This water bottle is $40, comes in a light peach tone, and is 25 oz. This water bottle is made with a shatter-resistant glass, so you know it has to be pretty good. It also comes with a little handle, so you can easily carry it with you. If you’re a fan of the show goop, or the brand, check out this water bottle.


YETI 26 oz Rambler Bottle

Yes, YETI is insanely popular for their reusable mugs. So, it makes sense that they’re also cute. YETI’s products are usually left with positive reviews, so if you’re looking for a reliable bottle that won’t break easily, and can be used for hot and cold drinks, the YETI rambler bottle is up there for water bottles to purchase.


Hydro Flask

Yet another super popular water bottle choice is the Hydro Flask. They’re insulated, durable and come in array of colors. You can show your personality with these water bottles, whether you want to purchase a vibrant water bottle like bright yellow, or keep it neutral with a light gray.

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These water bottles are slim, stainless steel and can fit easily in a cupholder or your backpack. S’well bottles are perfect for a small water bottle that you can carry with you anywhere


One of the trendiest water bottles is definitely “bkr.” These water bottles seem smaller than usual because of their shape, but they are just as good when looking for a new water bottle. They’re chic and come in a version with spikes on them – which makes them edgy and cute.


Tia Infuser Water Bottle

What’s better than a water bottle that you can add fresh fruit or tea to?! Seriously. This water bottle with an attachable infuser makes it perfect for making your water tasty and fresh this summer, or even making your own iced tea.


LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle will look cute and clean itself Β (and has its own water purification)- but it will cost you over $100. So, if you’re really in need of a water bottle and love this feature, this may be a big one time purchase that will benefit you in the long run. You can find this water bottle online on their website as well at Urban Outfitters and Free People’s online website.

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