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20 Cute AF Small Couples Tattoos

Looking at couples tattoos for you and your significant other? These super cute, small couples tattoos are easy to place anywhere on your body and cover up easily if you need to for work or any other reason. Copy the idea or use the following images as inspiration for your own design, either way, these couples tattoos are the perfect way to celebrate your relationship with that special person in your life.

1. A Handwritten Promise

This beautiful tattoo is written in each other’s handwriting. To copy this look for yourself, have both you and your partner write the designated phrase on separate pieces of paper and bring them to your local tattoo artist to copy. They may have specific instructions on how to send the information, so be sure to contact the potential tattoo shop prior to going in.

2. Filling In Each Others Blank Spots

This is one of my favourite styles of couples tattoos because they look so good on their own! When together, it created a beautiful image of filing the holes in one another’s hearts and lives. This style can be mimicked with any design, not just hearts! Simply have one person get the normal colored in design while the other has an outline made out of an explosion of color. Get creative with it and choose a unique background to cut the design out of.

3. This Amazing Forest Design As A Replacement For A Ring

This is my personal favorite on the list. Couples tattoos as a supplement for a ring are becoming increasingly common, but this is one of the most beautiful, innovative, and elegant designs I have seen yet, perfect for any nature lover. Any ring design can be made here, so feel free to come up with some weirder ideas. Try letting the ink run up your finger towards your nails for an extra noticeable effect that can still be easily covered up by gloves.

4. Use Boomerangs To Symbolize How You’ll Always Come Back To One Another

These cute tattoos are playful while still holding a deeper meaning, symbolizing commitment and everlasting life together. You can choose to have exact replicas or each design your own boomerang design for a slight variation!

5. X’s And O’s

This is a simple and elegant style to insure you have all the hugs and kisses you need from your significant other on you at all times. Because the designs can be made so small, it can easily fit anywhere on your body for complete discretion.

6. When They Are The Peanut Butter To Your Jelly

This adorable design works well for playful couples or those who call each other their best friend. Salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, or any other well-known pairing works equally as well for this fun design!

7. Hearts On The Ring Finger

There are millions of ways to get simple couples tattoos of a heart, but this adds a few fun spins. While most people opt for the same heart design, having one colored in and one left outlined adds a nice variance between the two. In addition, the placement on the ring finger goes to show a commitment to one another, like a promise ring.

8. Always Tethered Together

The amazing artistry on these tattoos makes them almost as fun to look at apart as they are to see together! The imagery is clear: it shows an unbreakable connection. This is the perfect choice for anyone who considers their partner their emotional rock.

9. Sharks In Love

A little silly, but wholesome and sweet, these couple tattoos get the message across while painting maximum cuteness.

10. Balancing Out The Light And Dark In One Another

While beautiful, this tattoo is actually a pretty simple design, so it won’t run you as much as some other larger tattoos. The matching phrases pair wonderfully with the delightful critters to create a magical feeling.

11. Opening Up Each Others Wings

If you are looking for couples tattoos that complete one another rather than just matching, this is a great choice for you and your partner! Have each person get one wing tattooed on their body, (both in the same place, respectively), so that the image comes together to create a full set of wings!

12. A Cute Representation Of A Shared Favourite, Like Ramen!

For a fun tattoo idea, try picking a relatively mundane thing you both love, like a favourite food, video game controller, or canoe to get drawn up in a cute anime/animated style! For example, a great choice would be a slice of pizza so you always have a ‘pizza’ each other nearby!

13. The Lion And Lioness

These couples tattoos are perfect for animal lovers, complete with a beautiful design on the lion and lioness themselves, in addition to the arrow work. It is a little bigger of a design, but really channels the power within everyone.

See Also

14. Satellite Connection

These couples tattoos are perfect for younger couples. They symbolize always being near each other (in orbit) and forever being connected, like a satellite connection with the earth.

15. The King And Queen Of Your Kingdom Together

These couples tattoos can be designed in a variety of sizes, depending on the intricacy of the crown you desire, with the labels optional. This style can also be mimicked for other cute pet names you may have for one another, such as angel or honey.

16. Classic Mickey And Minnie

For a classic old school couple, Mickey and Minnie are well-known, long-time favouties and sure to be recognized by almost all you come across.

17. Koi Fish – Two Halves Of A Whole Balancing Each Other Out

The color scheme of these couples tattoos is based on each of their birthstones. The koi fish help to create the yin-yang symbol, signifying the eternal flow and balance of the universe.

18. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Matching birds of any species can make for beautiful tattoo designs though doves are most commonly associated with romantic relationships.

19. Bow And Arrow

For a more dangerous and adventurous look, try a bow and arrow tattoo! This shows that you have a lot to offer on your own, but become complete and at your est when together.

20. Airplanes, Always Traveling Together

These couples tattoos offer a simple style for travel lovers, showing their journey forward together.

Which of these small couple tattoos did you like best? Let me know in the comments below and share your own photos of couple tattoos with your partner.

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