10 Cute Active Wear Outfits To Keep You Motivated

We all have those moments when we get bogged down, and don’t want to workout. Instead we say we can’t do it, and feel bad about ourselves. Cute active wear can help boost your confidence in the gym. Whether your looking for something basic or colorful, here are 10 cute active wear outfits that will keep you motivated.

1. Floral Printed Leggings

This maroon and pale pink look matches perfectly with a pair of white Adidas or Nike shoes. For the colder months you can also try matching a pretty maroon sweater, or jacket to the look.


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2. Paradise sports bra and leggings set

Get over the winter blues, with this pineapple and palm tree look. You can best match this look with a black jacket, and black sneakers. If you want to mix it up some more try opting for a green sweater. It’ll put more edge to the style. This cute active wear outfit will help to keep you on your getting in shape game.

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3. Purple on purple

The fabric is soft and stretches with your movements without you having to sacrifice support or durability needed for the gym. Also the purple on purple can be upgraded with a gray sweater for those morning runs through the woody trails.

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4. Black mesh leggings

Enhance your outfit with these black mesh leggings. Paired with a black top and white sneakers this look with help get you through that yoga class. If you want to go for more of a laid back look throw on a green rain jacket.

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5. Outdoor white and blue combination

Wanting to ditch the old gym routine? Hit the trails with this white and blue cute active wear outfit that will help give you that extra needed boost.

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6. Pale pink jacket

If your like me and prefer black or dark colors to wear for the gym, you might be getting bored of the same old gym outfit. Look no further, this pale pink jacket will help to put a splash of color into any gym apparel. It also helps because the pale pink is subtle, so it wont clash with the darker colors of your outfit.

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7. Classic black and white combination set

If color, and wild themes aren’t really for you why not try opting for a black and white set? This cute active wear will help to hide any bothersome sweating. So enjoy that workout with no worries. The cute active wear outfit in classic black and white will make sure to keep you in style as well.

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8. Bring a little bit of teal into the mix

Try these teal leggings with any dark top.

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9. The all white day outfit

This white top and white legging set are not only great for the gym, but if paired with a cardigan it transforms into a cozy beach day outfit. So take your girls and hit up the beach for a great workout and pictures by the sea for later.

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10. Army green

Professional, intermediate, or just beginning these army green leggings are made for any fitness level. Paired with black sneakers and black top this outfit can become a casual day wear easily.

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Its hard staying focused on getting into shape. With the craziness life throws at us we always wonder how it is others have time for this. Now it is your turn to shake off the laziness and instead try packing a gym bag. You might think that you can’t do it, but you can.  These cute active wear outfits will help to get you out of that bed and into the gym. Plus, you will look cute doing it.
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