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Current trends and My Take on Them

Current trends and My Take on Them

There is always something trending, especially in a world filled with so many different social media platforms and influencers. There are always trends coming and going; sometimes I think these trends are cool, fun, and unique, but I could not be more interested at other times. I love to be in the know and figure out if a trend will last or if people simply just look ridiculous. For example, who else remembers a year ago when people were walking on staked milk crates… yea, social media and trends are not strictly for the brightest of society. So, let’s review what is currently trending on social media and figure out if it will stick or completely flop.

1. The Healthy Diet Coke Drink

This was a trend that I personally could not stand! Someone was claiming that if you took any flavor and brand of sparkling water and combined balsamic, it would create a mixture that would taste like diet coke. The girl who posted the initial video that started this viral trend said it tasted like diet coke. In what world does balsamic vinegar, what most people use as a salad dressing, taste remotely like diet coke. Sure, maybe the concoction looked like how diet coke might appear in a glass, but I can guarantee that it tasted nothing like diet coke. As someone who might consider themselves a diet coke connoisseur, this was not a trend that I could support. Everyone was filming themselves on TikTok making and trying the drink, and it was enough for me to know that I never have to combine my sparkling water and balsamic vinegar. Instead, I will stick to cracking open a can of diet coke fresh out of my refrigerator. The healthy diet coke trend can disappear as fast as it started.

2. Different styled jeans

I will not lie; I loved, lived, and breathed my skinny jeans. I thought I would be wearing skinny jeans by the day I died, but I was mistaken. I am here for all of the different styled jeans. I am obsessed with mom jeans, bootcut, flare, wide leg, boyfriend, baggy, pleated, patterned, and honestly, the list continues. I am perfectly fine and content that my closet does not consist of skinny jeans. Dare I say that I hope skinny jeans never come back because I loved them at the time, but now I know that denim can be comfortable and fashionable. All these different styled jeans are honestly so much more comfortable and, dare I say, flattering! I hear this trend of all other styled jeans entirely.


3. Low Rise Jeans

This is a trend that I can simply not be a part of, and in my opinion, it can be left behind in the 90s! I am not here for this trend whatsoever! I will forever and always be married and loyal to my high-rise jeans as they hug me in all the right places. I could not think of a more unflattering style rise than low rise. You will never catch me in low-rise pants. I am so sorry, but this is a trend that I will happily not be a part of. I honestly could not think of a more exposing and unflattering rise for pants. Respect to everyone who feels comfortable and confident wearing them, but I am simply just not one of those girls. So respectfully, low-rise anything can take a step back!

4. Nail designs

I love this trend of nail art and designs, and I think it is perfect for the summer! This trend is such a fun and unique way to do your nails. It also makes it worth it to go and get them done at a salon because anyone can paint their nails regularly. It turns your nails into a blank canvas and allows you to have creative direction without doing the hard part. I find it fun to look at Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas for what I want my nails to look like next. This trend is especially fun to participate in during the spring and summer months. With so many fun, bright, and neon color combinations that can be created, the world is your oyster! People have been flipping the French manicure and using bright colors, nail designs such as swirls, and twists or actual doodles of smiley faces, hearts, and more. All of this can take place at your fingertips. Hey, if you must look at your hands when you’re constantly typing and swiping, you might as well look at a cute design and colorful patterns. The trend of nail art is one that I hope stays, and I love taking part in!

5. Athleisure

I love that athleisure wear is such a trend, especially during the hot summer! Exercise dresses, tennis skirts, and adorable sets are all the rage, and I, for one, am completely obsessed. One of the best parts is you don’t even have to spend a large sum of money to participate in this trend. Amazon and other companies are selling cute active and athleisure wear for cheap! How could you not love a trend that promotes looking and feeling comfy, sporty, confident, and cute! I find this trend almost motivational because once I buy a cute workout set or piece of athleisure wear, I can’t wait to show it off at the gym or on my next hot girl walk. Though, who wouldn’t want to look cute while sweating? Of course, I can back this trend. Does this have to be the trend that keeps on giving? Right? This trend of adorable athletic sets and athleisure wear is one that I hope never stops.

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These are the top five trends I have noticed and seen circling around social media. I have a love-hate relationship with trends. Trust me; you will too! I am sure that as you were reading and forming your own opinions on these trends, you welcomed some and dismissed others.