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Current Makeup Trends To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Current Makeup Trends To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Makeup trends are everchanging. It can sometimes be hard to figure out what makeup trends are right for you. The makeup market is really booming and producing a lot of content and looks for its customers. This is great because it gives us a lot to choose from, but it can be very overwhelming for people who are interested in makeup or those just trying it out.  This article will illustrate some of the best winter makeup tips for you to try according to your zodiac sign. 

1. Aries- Bold, Graphic Liner 

Aries women are known to be outspoken but still very playful. They love to do things outside of the box because that is what they are generally known for. Bold or graphic liner is the best bold statement for this fire sign. There are multiple ways it can be done, so it is perfect to grab the attention of someone who is as spontaneous as the Aries woman. 

2. Taurus- Simple Red Lip

Taurus women are known for being practical and simple, but still wanting to enjoy all the finer things in life. Taurus loves to look and feel pampered, but they will not let that infer with them getting their stuff done.  The red lip is perfect for them. It meets all their needs for glamour while still being low maintenance. 


3. Gemini- Glittery eye shadow

Glittery eye shadow is the best holiday look. The holiday season is all about the sparkles and glitter, so why not try it out on your eyes. This look can be adapted to any person of any skin tone. The picture below showcases a golden glittery eyeshadow that looks perfect on almost everyone. You can always modify it to your own personal preference if this look is too much for you. You can always choose a glittery that is less shimmery or more of a neutral color if that makes you more comfortable. 


4. Cancer- Glossy Lip

Cancers are water signs that are ruled by the Moon. Being ruled by the moon means that your emotions are greatly influenced by the position and phase of the moon. A glossy lip is perfect for this sign because it can go with every look. Glossy lips are great, no matter if you are all glammed up or sporting a natural beat. 

5. Leo- Big lashes 

Leo are arguably one of the most confident signs in the zodiac. Leo are ruled by the rule which means they are the center of their own universe. They have no problem choosing themselves and their success over everything else. Big lashes are perfect for them because they are able to rock it without feeling self-conscious. Big lashes are great on anyone, but it looks best on folks who wear it and do not let it wear them. 


6. Virgo- Boy brow

Virgo is an earth sign, which means they generally thrive off being responsibility and about their business.  Earth signs are usually practical types. Boy brows would be perfect for Virgos. Structured brows have been at the forefront for a while. Boy brows are really become a counter trend of that. Both are beautiful, but the boy brows are great for people who already have full brows, but want to take them up a notch. This look can be achieved simply with tinted brow gel or just running a brow pencil through your brow to make them appear thicker. 


7. Libra- Golden eyeshadow 

Libras are air signs, but they always stand by fairness and doing what is right. Usually, when they believe something, it is hard to persuade them otherwise. Gold eyeshadow is great and simple enough to be enjoyed by Libras. Libras love natural and light looks in their fashion. 

8. Scorpio- Brown smokey eye 

Scorpios are known for being the most mysterious out of all the signs. This makes them the perfect candidate for a brown smoky eye. Your traditional black smoky eye can be scary to wear for most, so brown is the best color to use for the smoky look but having it also be toned down. A brown smoky eye is the easiest way to keep the mysterious look, but not being too dramatic. 


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10. Sagittarius- Simple winged liner 

Sagittarius are the types to try new things in fashion often. They love to stand out and be certain of attention because they are open-minded and adventurous. A simple winged liner is great for them since they tend to go all out in their outfits. There are a few ways to modify your liner to make it stand out more. You can always smoke out your liner to make it look more appropriate for date night. Once you have applied your liner and you let it dry, you can use a black or brown eyeshadow to make the edges of your liner look more hazy and smoky. 


11. Capricorn- Natural with dewy skin

Natural makeup is easy to achieve, but why not take it up a notch with some extra glowy skin. Capricorn women are symbolized by a horned goat, and they are also an earth sign, which means they are very stubborn, like a Taurus. What differentiates them for a Taurus is their natural gift for leading. They are the perfect people to have in leadership because you know that they are less likely to abuse their power. 


12. Aquarius- Colorful eyeshadow 

Aquarius women are free-spirited types. They do not mind breaking tradition. Colorful eyeshadow would be a great look for them this holiday season. They are multiple ways you can customize your look to your skin tone, undertone, and eye color. 

13. Pisces- Deep Berry lip 

Pisces are described as the most emotional of zodiac signs, next to Cancers. They are also known for being artistic and makeup and this berry lip would be great for them to express themselves this holiday season. This look can be simply done like the picture below, which is a deep, berry lip sported with a natural eye makeup. 


Featured Image Sourced from Pinterest.