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Curl His Toes During Sex With These Helpful Tips

Curl His Toes During Sex With These Helpful Tips

It’s hard when you don’t know what a man is looking for when it comes to what pleases him in the bedroom. But the sex tips you are about to encounter will not only make him curl his toes, moan your name, and explode loads, but it will enhance your relationship and bring the two of you closer than you think. A lot of men don’t like to tell their women what turns them on because they don’t want to offend them. Can you blame them? As ladies, we don’t like criticism, from a man or woman. We just want our man to be grateful even if it means they aren’t satisfied. Well, put an end to that. It is not fair for us to be getting all of the fun, men deserve to be pleased. Some of them will actually go to the extent of researching. Why not do the same for you guy? Ladies, I give you sex tips on how to curl your man’s toes during sex. 

1. The Bench

There’s no need for you to scream faster or harder anymore, this position puts you in charge. The position can be performed on the edge of the bed or in a chair. Have the guy sitting with his legs wide open and turn your back towards him and lower yourself unto him. That is the bench position and it is effective in curling any man’s toes and allows deep penetration. When you notice him squeezing the sheets or your breasts, you know he is curling his toes because he is trying hard not to let a loud moan escape his lips. With this position, be prepared for everything to be hard and wet. Listen to these sex tips because your vagina and his penis will thank you, but his toes may be sore. 

2. The Enhanced Blow Job

For your man to curl his toes during a blow job, you need to pay attention to these sex tips. A lot of females think the best blow jobs are the sloppiest ones, which is kind of true. But to really get him to curl his toes you need to amp things up. Ever heard of the mint myth? While chewing breath mints do freshen your breath, it also enhances things during oral sex. When you are getting ready to go down on your man, pop in a couple (between 2 and 3) breath mints. That tingly feeling you feel on your tongue, he will definitely feel but it’s nothing bad. In fact, it is soothing, which is what enhances the blow job. It is highly encouraged to not put more than a few in your mouth because it can give him a burning sensation. You want tingly not burning. 

Another method to enhance the blow job that will get his toes curling would be to make sure your tongue is cold. The cold sensation will have him harder than brick and the wetness from your mouth will leave him wanting more until his juices overflow in your mouth. Just make sure to suck on ice before you suck on it. 

Curl His Toes During Sex With These Helpful Tips

3. Neck & Ear Kisses

Kisses are not just for the lips; the neck and ears love affection as well. It is recommended to give these kisses when you are riding him. When he’s sitting up and you are straddling his lap, have your fun riding that thing but don’t forget to thank him for making you feel good. When he tilts his head back, indicating he is enjoying it, take that advantage to suck, lick, nibble and kiss his neck. He will definitely move his head so you can show affection to every inch of his neck before lifting his head for you to move up to his ear. When you do arrive at his ear, softly nibble his lobe. Notice the word “nibble” and not “bite”, you want him moaning and not screaming in pain. Gracefully trace the inside and outside of his ear with your tongue and gently blow. Not the point where it sounds like a windstorm, but softly and quietly. These sex tips will most definitely enhance everything and make him curl his toes. 

Curl His Toes During Sex With These Helpful Tips

4. Talk Dirty

One of the biggest sex tips to enhance everything in the bedroom would have to be dirty talk. You have to get your dirty talk on point. Men like it when their woman gives them words of encouragement like “right there” or “I’m gonna come” or “this feels so good” and the list goes on. Let your man know that he is hitting all of the right spots and let him know how wet he has made you. Additionally, a lot of men like it when the women ask for what they want (“do you want me to come on you, daddy”). Now, don’t scream your dirty words, whisper them because it is sexier that way. Sooner, you’ll have your guy curling his toes and screaming. 

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Curl His Toes During Sex With These Helpful Tips

5. The Tighter The Better

Make your vagina tighter by squeezing your buttocks. Understandably, a lot of females have sex, which stretches the vagina. And the bigger the stretch gets, the worst the sex gets. But there is a way to make him curl in toes with these sex tips. Squeezing the buttocks will make the vagina tighter when he enters you. Not only will his toes curl, but he will also explode! 

6. Don’t Ever Stop 

It is said that when a woman keeps going after the man finishes, it makes a man weak, loudly moan, and curl his toes. Follow these sex tips and keep riding that bull. When you are riding that bull and your man finishes, keep going and don’t ever stop. His eyes will roll to the back of his head, his grip gets tighter on those sheets, his toes will curl, and his moans will get louder. You are in control, so take it. 

7. The Taint 

The taint is located between the balls and the butthole, once you spot it, massage it for your man. Before you think you or your partner aren’t going to be into it, talk it out with them and try it out. A lot of men like a little butt play and he could be one of them. While you are sucking him, go from the penis to the balls (pay them some attention)to the taint and use your tongue or finger to gently massage that area. It will enhance everything. This is one of the weirdest sex tips, but your man will be grateful that you consider his pleasure when you massage that area and will most likely explode loads. 

These sex tips were created to help a lot of women understand what drives a man crazy because let’s be honest, men are confusing. Well, not anymore. Share with your friends to help their relationship and comment on your results, we all want to hear them! 

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