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Curating A Pinterest Board For Styling Outfits

Curating A Pinterest Board For Styling Outfits

Pinterest is my beloved app. I hold it very dear to my heart and have to say that I am proud of the boards I have slowly curated over the years that I have had the app. Pinterest can be used to find just about anything from recipes to memes to tattoo ideas, it has any and all of it. My favorite way to use Pinterest though, is for styling outfits. I have one board simply called “Outfits” with three subsections for makeup, shoes, and acrylics, the accessories that I think pull the outfit all together. Pinterest will very quickly adapt to your interests as the algorithm begins to pick up on the certain Pins that you like and Pin to your board. If you have TikTok, you’ll know just how accurate an algorithm can be. It can begin to describe you down to a tee. Once you like one thing, it’ll show you similar ones, until your timeline is just about perfect for you. And if you search for something, you’ll most likely see the items that you look at, or similar ones, on your timeline. This magical technological feature is super beneficial when it comes to curating a Pinterest board solely for styling outfits. Your Pinterest will pick up on your style and show you just what you want to see, the new outfits you want to create, and give you new inspo for when you don’t know what to wear. If you want to freshen up your style and get some new inspiration, follow these tips for curating a Pinterest board for styling outfits.

Create An Outfits Board With Your Desired Sections

To start, you’re going to need to create a new board dedicated to styling outfits. Keep your profile organized by having separate boards for each category of Pins. Some of my boards are titled “Bedroom”, “Travel”, “Food”, and “Jewelry”. When I see Pins that I like, I just Pin them to each board and I can go back to them easier since they are organized better. For your Outfits board, I like that Pinterest has updated to allow for mini boards within one larger board. So as I mentioned before, I have makeup, acrylics, and shoes as mini boards within the Outfits board. It helps to keep it all organized and easier to access the Pin that you’re thinking of. So, think about what it takes for you to pull an outfit together and create those mini boards.


Search For Your Style

A blank board isn’t going to be of much help. It’s time to start searching for your style and pin the outfit inspo pictures to your Outfits board. My board is full of outfits that are of completely different styles so I don’t think it really matters that you have preppy outfits mixed with skater girl ones throughout your board. I would say that my style changes on the daily, as I’m sure many others are the same way, so I can’t say my board is cohesive in this way. When you find outfit inspiration pics that you like, start pinning them to your board! You can search for Y2K fashion, e-girl fits, summer fashion, or winter looks. You get the idea. If you want to look up a certain TV character whose outfits you love, say Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, you can type in the search bar “Serena Van Der Woodsen Gossip Girl Outfits”.

Then click on a Pin that you like, and there should be an option for you to click that says “Shop similar items”. This will open a page next to your viewed Pin with items that are similar to the one in your Pin that you can shop for through the provided link. Try it out for yourself!



Use the Shop Feature

If you’re looking for specific pieces to buy, when you search something, click the Shop button that is between Explore and Profiles. You can find pieces that you can purchase easily by clicking on the link to be directed to the website. And if you don’t want to purchase right away, you can also save these pins to your board to look back later. 

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The Magical Word: Aesthetic

From what I’ve learned by using Pinterest, is that aesthetic is the magic word to use when searching. I personally don’t like when you search for something, like “NYC winter fashion”, and the search results include promoted Pins from big name brands. I’d rather feel inspired from an outfit and pull together a similar look with what I already have in my closet. When you search “NYC winter fashion aesthetic”, there may still be some promoted Pins, but I feel like the results are WAY better when you include this word in your search. I find more Pins that I like and Pin to my Outfits board, and more inspiration for styling similar outfits.

Mini Boards

Now that you’ve added some Pins to your Outfits board, it’s time to focus on those subsections or mini boards as I like to call them. To add a section to your Outfits board click on the plus button located at the bottom of your screen. Name the section and then scroll back to the top of your board and click on this new section. From here you can find ideas for things to Pin to this section of your Outfits board, or simply search what you’re looking for. If your section is for jewelry, search specific items that you’re looking for like “colorful rings”, “gold hoop earrings”, or “pearl necklaces”. I myself am still working on adding Pins to my shoes section. I like to look for kitten heels or boots to wear. This new Pinterest update to add sections to your boards is a helpful tool when it comes to curating a Pinterest board for styling outfits.


You’ve reached the end of these tips for curating your very own Pinterest board for styling outfits. Perhaps Pinterest will become your favorite social media app, just like it is mine. An unproblematic online space that helps me find just what I’m looking for.