10 CSUN Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow


With over 40,000 students, CSUN is filled with a wide variety of talented individuals. One of the best ways to connect with people and organizations on campus? Instagram, of course! Here are 10 CSUN Instagram accounts you absolutely need to follow!

1. CSUN Associated Students (@csunas)

Stay up to date with the latest campus news and events! Who’s ready for BIG SHOW?!



2. AS President (@sepsev)

As president of Associated Students, Sevag has a lot of CSUN experience. Follow his adventures on Instagram and watch him make a BIG difference on campus.




3. CSUN Outdoor Adventures (@csunoutdooradventures)

Adventure awaits! Take a trip and explore the great outdoors with your fellow Matadors.




4. CSU Northridge Panhellenic (@csunpanhellenic)

Love the sorority life? You should definitely follow these girls. Not only do they make a difference, but they also know how to have some serious fun.

5. CSUN Hip Hop Team (@csunhiphop)

If you enjoy dancing as much as I do, you should groove with CSUN’s ORIGINAL hip hop team.



6. CSUN Cape Crew (@csuncapecrew)

Are you a sports fanatic? Then, you have to visit CSUN Athletics’ social media command center. Stay updated on the latest Matador games and support your favorite teams!


7. CSUN Cheerleading (@csuncheer)

Need a little more Matador spirit? Follow the girls (and guy) on the official CSUN cheer team.

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8. CSUN Oasis Wellness Center (@csunoasis)

Find serenity and relaxation at the Oasis Wellness Center amid the hustle and bustle of classes! Plus, learn more about the free classes and workshops they offer. I can’t wait to try Centering with Scents and Contemplation Painting!



9. CSUN Squirrels (@csun_squirrels_)

Can’t get enough of the CSUN squirrels? Don’t worry. There are plenty more adorable pictures like this one:


10. Cal State Northridge (@csun_edu)

There is simply no place like home! Take pride in being a Matador. You earned your place here.



We all have something special to offer. Do your part and get involved! You never know who you can meet or where you will go from here.

What are your favorite CSUN Instagram accounts? Comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: favim.com and modolabs.com