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Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection

Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection

Recent research has linked healing benefits to different types of gems, crystals, and stones. There are and endless variety to choose from as you venture on your journey of understanding crystals and their properties. Before you get lost in your local crystal shop, research a few crystals to understand what benefits they provide and how to properly care for each unique stone. 

If you are in the process of growing your collection of crystals and are unsure of which ones to purchase next, look no further. Here is a list of crystals you should to add to your budding collection.


Howlite is known for having anxiety reducing properties, it can also help ease tension and stress in the body. This crystal helps us absorb and release our emotions rather than keep them all bottled up so we don’t have to face them or feel them.

Howlite encourages emotional expression and reduces the strength and severity of rage and anger. This stone brings about a high sense of awareness of our physical and emotional states of wellbeing.

Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection


Malachite is a healing stone that helps one feel comfortable with change. It encourages positive transformation and is often referred to as “the stone of transformation.” Malachite will aid in bringing energy to the surface and help filter, recycle, and provide a deep energy cleaning. You will feel uplifted, refreshed, and rejuvenated with this crystal in your gem family.

Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection

Tiger’s Eye

This stunning crystal is often called “the stone of protection.” Tiger’s Eye helps increase our ability to focus and make objective choices and decisions based on reason and thoughtfulness; it reduces emotional imbalance and the tendency of the ego to take over and wreak havoc on our minds. Tiger’s Eye also boosts levels of confidence and helps dispel any anxieties or fears that may be holding us back.

Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection


Rhodonite is a beautiful pink crystal with streaks and swirls of dark greys throughout. It is known for its balancing properties, especially in terms of our emotions. It provides clarity and recedes the likelihood of extreme emotional highs and lows that can cause outbursts or clouded decision making.

Rhodonite is often referred to as “the stone of compassion,” as it helps us work through traumas and wounds from our pasts and childhoods. It nurtures love, for ourselves and for others, and also stimulates and clears our hearts.

Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection

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Bloodstone’s unique red and orange speckled pattern is clearly the inspiration behind the name of this crystal, also known as Heliotrope. It is known for deep healing properties and is often connected to better blood flow. Bloodstone also helps remove toxins from the body.

This crystal can also help improve levels of creativity and reduces our tendencies to over criticize our work. Bloodstone also connects us deeper to our intuition so we learn to listen to these gut feelings more often.

Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection


This gorgeous crystal comes in all types of hues. Some may be fully translucent, other partially translucent with streaks of light purple. Other pieces of fluorite could be a dark plum, or entirely pink with a few hues of light blue scattered throughout. Fluorite helps us organize our thoughts better and promotes stronger self-love so we uplift and encourage ourselves.

It helps rid us of negative emotions and thoughts, and bring back our sense of brightness and positivity. Fluorite also promotes a sense of forwardness and brings about order out of what feels like chaos.

Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection

What crystals do you have in your collection? Do you have any favorite types of crystals? Let us know in the comments below!

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