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6 Cruelty-free Makeup Products We Are Totally Obsessed With

6 Cruelty-free Makeup Products We Are Totally Obsessed With

Terrible as it is, on the hunt for the best make up products out there, it’s so easy to neglect or simply ignore the ethical elements, in place of quality and style. We’ve all experienced that pang of horror when we come across a post showing a horribly misused animal, and learnt that it’s as a result of testing for our favourite makeup brand. The thing is, there are so many great cruelty-free make up products out there, if you just look for them. Some of them might even be from brands you already use, you just don’t know it!

1. Matte Lipstick in Sienna Rose- The Body Shop

The Body Shop has forever been an advocate for addressing as many ethical concerns as possible, and we know that whatever we get from their store, it’s gonna be 100% cruelty free. The Body Shop has had it’s own charity foundation since 1990, which supports human rights, animal and environmental protection, they have a “Forever Against Animal Testing” Campaign, a petition to stop animal testing globally, and their “Community Trade” plan ensures ethical working environments for their suppliers.  With their “Bio Bridges” mission they help to conserve huge amounts of forest areas, their fair trade systems support women’s rights and opportunities all over the world, and their “Modern Slavery Statement” system ensures that the company works tirelessly against slavery in the modern world. Our favourite product from The Body Shop is their “Matte Lipstick” in Sienna Rose, which almost identically matches M.A.C.‘s famous “Velvet Teddy” shade, but is so much more ethically friendly.


2. Hydrating Water Essence- e.l.f

e.l.f, one of our fave brands is, of course, completely cruelty-free. Not only is it, like The Body Shop, firmly against animal testing, it is also completely Vegan friendly. Our fave e.l.f product is their “Hydrating Water Essence”, a lightweight product that perfectly moisturises and hydrates your skin.

3. Modern Renaissance Palettte- Anastasia Beverly Hills

Much to our relief, brand Anastasia Beverly Hills is totally against animal testing, and refuses to sell their products where animal testing is a legal requirement. Not only this, but they have a whole vegan range, so you can use that magical “Modern Renaissance” palette completely guilt free.


4. Better Than Sex Mascara- Too Faced

Praise be, Too Faced are completely anti-animal testing, and they have a whole host of vegan friendly products that use zero animal by products either! This is a huge relief, because there are so many of their products we just couldn’t live without; we have no idea where we’d be without their stellar “Better Than Sex Mascara”.

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5. Shape Tape Contour Concealer- Tarte

Tarte too is cruelty free, supporting the protection of animal well-being and has it’s own range of vegan products, though it’s important to remember that its parent company is not against animal testing. Nevertheless, our idolised “Shape Tape Contour Concealer”, the best one out there, is completely ethically friendly. Woohoo!

6. Naked Palette- Urban Decay

World popular brand Urban Decay also boasts an ethically friendly stamp. Their campaign “The Ultraviolet Edge” supports women’s right’s organisations all over the world, neither their products, nor the raw ingredients are in any way associated with animal testing, and they have a large collection of vegan products. As such, whenever you splash on colours from your “Naked” palette, you can do it with the comfort of knowing that the entire production line is ethically friendly.


Are any of your favourite beauty products cruelty free? Let us know in the comments below!

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