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10 Crucial Things I Learned From Being Raised By A Single Mother

10 Crucial Things I Learned From Being Raised By A Single Mother

Being raised by a single mother is rewarding and beautiful. Here are 10 things I learned from my single mother that I want to share with you all. These life lessons from mom are useful to anybody.

We all have awesome moms, but the most awesome moms of all , are those super bad-ass single moms, who have to be both the mom and the dad. These are the ones who can say no without batting an eye, have the best surprises and give the best hugs.  And oh boy to they have the warmest smiles. Here’s 10 things I learned being raised by a single mother.

1. Education is your most valuable asset.

You can never stop learning. Every situation is an opportunity for a lesson learned whether good or bad.  You’re never too old to learn something new or to start a new dream.

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2. It is good to date yourself so you know how you should be treated.

Take yourself to the movies, buy yourself dinner and/or a scoop of ice cream.  If you don’t appreciate and take care of yourself first, how will you know how others should treat you?

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3. Be honest about your emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

Have a good cry every now and again.  Its okay to cry to laugh, to be angry as long as you don’t let it over take you.


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4. Its okay to ask for help.

Ask for help when you need it and when you want it.  If it it neither of those, ask for help so that that you  in return learn to help others.quotes, success, and motivation image

5. You can do anything a man can do on your own.

Such as setting up your own entertainment center, changing your oil, and tires and pumping your own gas.   Installing your own cable and haggling for the best deal at that.  Learning how to depend on you for whatever you need and want.


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6. Learn how to pack light.

When traveling alone, it is up to you to lift that suitcase in the vehicle.  If you want to warm up that food, you need to carry that microwave in the house by yourself. If you get a brand new bed set, you gotta set up that bad boy yourself, if you want to sleep good tonight.

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7. Read everything and anything.

Reading is a privilege and a luxury. Whether you read in print form (those old fashion page turners) or in digital form, sit down and take your mind on an adventure. The right book can take you to Paris, Rome, or even to the beach with the sharks and starfish.

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8. You can be anything that you want to be, you just need to believe.

If you want to be a horse, go for it, a princess or prince, do ya thing, or even the President of the United States, it can be done.

9. Always ask for late check out in hotels.

So important you will always want to sleep in after an awesome night before.  You might be in the middle of an awesome dream and want to finish and capture your prize.  Or maybe you want to take advantage of the free breakfast.

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10. Last thing, LOVE is so special.

Always be open to it, no matter how many times it doesn’t give it back to you.  Once it comes appreciate it and always give it back freely. Love yourself hard so that others can see what true love looks like.

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Let us know what you think about raised by a single mother in the comments below!
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