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5 Crime Shows You Should Watch

5 Crime Shows You Should Watch

There is something so enticing about crime shows. Greys Anatomy makes you think you can be a doctor, Friends makes you think you can move to the city with not a dime in your pocket and crime shows make you feel like you can become a detective over night. 

There are so many to choose from like the classic runs of Law and Order SVU, Criminal Minds or CSI but there are some that aren’t talked about that definitely deserve the credit. 

If you love to binge crime shows, you will love all of these. With multiple season and lots of story lines, you’ll never get bored. It’s sick and twisted but theres something fascinating about dark plots and warped stories. 

If you are anything like me, you’ll become obsessed with these shows. In the market for a new crime show to binge? Keep reading for five crime shows you should be watching. And don’t worry, there will be no spoilers in this. 

1. Dexter 

Dexter is a series that ran from 2006-2013 and can now be watched on Netflix or its original platform, Showtime. This show follows a blood splatter analysis, Dexter Morgan who doesn’t just help solve the murders. He actually a serial killer himself living in Miami, Florida. The kicker is, he only murders people who have committed crimes themselves. He came up with this arrangement with his adoptive father, to lessen the guilt. Watch to see where life takes Dexter. 

5 Crime Shows You Should Watch

2. The Killing

Another murder show, but hey whats right is right! This four season series ran from 2011-2014 and can now be watched on Netflix. It follows a detective, Sarah Linden, in the Seattle Police Department who is assigned to mentor Stephen Holder who doesn’t always love to play by the rules. They are put on a case to find out what happened to a 17-year-old girl who went missing. This show has different twists and turns, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. 

5 Crime Shows You Should Watch

3. How To Get Away With Murder

Viola Davis has outdone herself in this one. This ABC original is still running but the first few season can be watched on Netflix or Hulu. It follows a defense attorney, Annalise Keating, who teaches a class called How To Get Away With Murder at a law school. She chooses a group of five students to work along side of her and become employees. Truths come out and dark secrets emerge. You may think you know what happens next, but you’ll never guess it. 

5 Crime Shows You Should Watch

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4. Body of Proof 

Another ABC original can be watched on Hulu or an ABC subscription. Dr. Megan Hunt doesn’t play games. A former neurosurgeon, who was involved in a car accident, wasn’t ready to give up her career. She becomes a medical examiner, but she doesn’t seem to know where to draw the line. She gets involved in businesses that aren’t hers and starts to destroy her relationship with police officers as she often over steps boundaries. This series has some drama but the crimes give it an interesting touch.

5 Crime Shows You Should Watch

5. True Detective

An HBO original that has gained a cult following. With just three seasons, this series has definitely gotten a lot of attention. The best part about this crime show is each season has different characters, different actors and different story lines. You can start it at any point and you won’t be confused. Season 1 is about two detectives who have to reopen an unsolved murder case 17 years later. A prostitute was murder in 1995.  If you wanna find out what happens, get on your HBO app and give this show a try. 

5 Crime Shows You Should Watch

Murder crime shows might not be for everybody but if they are up your alley, definitely give these a try. Leave a comment telling us your favorite crime shows!

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