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10 Creative Ways To Hide Your Spare Cash

10 Creative Ways To Hide Your Spare Cash

Carrying your spare cash with you isn’t always the best idea — especially if you have a significant amount; this can cause problems if your wallet turns up lost or stolen. Fortunately, these 10 creative ways to hide your spare cash will help keep your stash safe and secure. Not only that, but they will keep your coin purse from bulging out of control. 

1. Behind Picture Frames

One of the best places that you can hide your spare cash is behind your picture frames. In fact, the more photos that you have the better because each one that is hanging up serves as an extra spot. All that you have to do is fold each bill, gently tuck it around the inside edges, and then position the photo back over the money – before clasping the back of the frame into place. Just be sure that you don’t force all of your spare cash into one frame; this could cause your photo to bulge forward at the front, and create unnecessary pressure on the frame itself.

10 Creative Ways To Hide Your Spare Cash

2. Within Your Bookshelf

We’ve all seen a mystery movie at one point or another where the main character of the film pulls out a book and a secret passage opens; well this same thing can go for your spare cash, just a little differently. Fortunately, this is perfect if you already have a collection of your favorite written works. All that you need to do after that is hide the money within the pages. Just be sure that you don’t forget where you’ve placed it unless you love finding surprise money. In that case, look at it as a simple gift to yourself.

3. Underneath Your Makeup Box

Makeup boxes are a great way for you to hide your spare cash because of the countless compartments that you have to choose from. Not only that, but not many people typically think of putting their money there. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally give or sell your makeup without first collecting your money from its secret spot.

4. The Bottom Of Your Pencil Jar

The bottom of your pencil jar serves as the perfect sneaky place to hide your cash. In fact, you can do this one of two ways; either by slipping each bill around the perimeter of the pencils or by putting them underneath before stacking your pencils on top. Just make sure that your jar contains enough pencils to effectively mask your money from view; in other words, you’ll want to keep the jar as full as possible.

10 Creative Ways To Hide Your Spare Cash

5. In Your Medicine Cabinet

If you always keep your medicine cabinet stocked and ready for any life situation, you may want to consider using it as your secret spot. In doing so, you can hide all of your spare cash underneath your cold medicine – and other over-the-counter remedies. This works even better if you have cabinet liners because these will allow you to hide your money underneath them should you choose to do so.

6. In Your DVD Cases

If you have stacks of DVDs – under your TV set than what better way is there to make use of those cases if not to hide your spare cash. This is even better if the inside of some of them has a ridge for you to slip your money into so that your money does slide around. In fact, you could even put it behind the DVD itself to keep it still and avoid any unnecessary movement.

7. In The Outer Shell Of Your Calculator

Most people have heard of how some will try and use the outer shell of their calculator as a place to hide or tape their cheat sheets.  However, even though this isn’t the most ethical thing to do, your calculator can be used a lot more efficiently, by serving as the perfect way for you to hide your spare cash. In turn, all that you would need to do is slip whatever money that you have into the outer ridge of the case. After doing so, you can snap the outer shell of your case back into place with little problem; if you find yourself feeling worried that it might slip out then you can even tape it for extra measure.

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10 Creative Ways To Hide Your Spare Cash

8. Underneath Raised Coasters

Purchasing the right set of coasters allows you to use them as more than just a way to hold your drink. In fact, one effective way that this can be done is by enclosing your spare cash from the eyes of others. The best part about this is that your beverage will easily weigh down the coaster so that your money doesn’t end up loosening from underneath.

9. In Your Old Wine Bottles

Old wine bottles might sound less than ideal when it comes to hiding your spare cash, but they serve to be the exact opposite. You might ask yourself, “but what if I’m unable to get my money back out through the bottle’s neck?” Well, all that you need to do is make sure that you use rubber bands when tying up your spare cash so that you can easily slip it through the neck of the bottle. Then whenever you need the money you can easily tilt your bottle forward, rattle it, and the cash comes out with little to no problem.

10. A Square Shaped Kleenex Box

After you’ve gotten over the common cold, be sure and hold onto one of your old kleenex boxes. With this, you can create a makeshift piggy bank for all of your spare cash, and the best part about it is that no one will even think to look there. As an added bonus you can even spice up the exterior through decoration, serving as a perfect location for all your extra money.

10 Creative Ways To Hide Your Spare Cash

We hope these 10 creative ways to hide your spare cash will keep your money safe — from yourself, as well as others. Don’t forget to share and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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