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10 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas Your S.O. Will Love

10 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas Your S.O. Will Love

Are you dreaming in pink? Seeing everything in shades of red? Are chocolates and roses sprouting up everywhere you go? Well then get ready because Valentines day is right around the corner! Filled with love, roses, and most importantly…chocolate; Valentine’s day is a girl-in-love’s favorite time of year to spend with her significant other. But sometimes it can be hard to think of some fun, creative ideas to share a magical and memorable time together. So here are some creative Valentine’s Day ideas that are fun and romantic!

Your significant other will love these creative Valentine's Day ideas!

Places To Go and Things To Do

Above anything else, the most important thing to do on Valentine’s day is to spend time with your significant other. Doing something together that differs from your daily routine makes the day just a little bit more special…here are some ideas.

1. Ice Skating

Whether you’ve been an ice princess since you were 5, or you stumble on and off the ice
like Goofy would himself, there is nothing cuter than skating hand in hand!

2. Drive-in

Why not switch it up and hit up a drive-in, instead of a regular movie theater? There’s something about that old fashion feel that will sure to bring about some awesome cuddle time!

3. Stargazing and S’mores

While Valentine’s day falls in the middle of chilly winter,  this does not mean that the outdoors are out of the question! Take a trip outside and get one last campfire in before the cold weather is through! While you’re at it, cook up some s’mores and stargaze a while, see if your love is truly written in the stars!!

4. A Night In

Sometimes, instead of a night out, a romantic night in is just what the love doctor ordered. Why not treat your significant other to a romantic night all cozieed up at home?! Light up the fireplace, cook them their favorite meal, and don’t forget the dessert!!

5. The Whole Sha-bang!!

Now a quiet night in can be sweet… but hey it’s Valentine’s day for Cupid’s sake! What better a night to go all out? Don’t be afraid to splurge and book a fancy restaurant to truly celebrate how awesome you and your man are! Don’t be afraid to treat-yo-self!

Things to Give

No Valentine’s day can be complete without the gifts, and sometimes on a tight budget this can be harder than expected. So here are some affordable ways to woo your significant other.

1. Frame Your Story

Take it back to the beginning; write down your story from the start and frame it, maybe even add a little lipstick to it for a touch of love!

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2. One Word: BAAACCOONN!!

Hey who doesn’t love it? Take this little recipe and supply your bacon lovin’ lover! First,
preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut your bacon slices in half and use 2 halves to form the shape of a heart. Place on a pan (make sure the pan has sides so the grease doesn’t get all over your oven!). Bake for 18–25 minutes (or until done). Serve however you’d like – extra credit if you dip the bacon in chocolate!

3. Don’t Just Think it, Post it!

Often we forget to tell our loved ones just how we feel, so this Valentines day, make a point to do so! Never underestimate the power of love notes, put some on their pillow, in their car, in their wallet, etc. Just make sure to spoil them with your words of love!

4. Personalized Candy!

We all know that chocolate is the way to a girl’s heart…so this Valentine’s day, instead of just giving her (or him) some regular candy, like M&M’s, give something that will wow their socks off! Personalize the chocolate with your very own message, or even a picture of the two of you! It’s a simple twist for that classic Valentine’s chocolate gift!

5. 52 Things…

This wonderfully thoughtful gift is simple yet powerful. All you have to do is buy an ordinary deck of cards, and upon each, write a single reason why you love them. This is essentially a travel sized love letter that they can easily pull out in times of doubt, struggle, or even just for a little pick me up!

Can you think of any more creative Valentine’s Day ideas? Let us know down below!

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