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12 Creative Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

The bullet journal has been enjoying quite a bit of popularity. There are whole blogs dedicated to bullet journaling and if you are on social media, you’ve probably see them. And if you have a creative friend, they have probably showed you their bullet journal. 

Let’s start with a little introduction – what is a bullet journal? A bullet journal is a notebook, which you can use as a planner, to-do list, tracker or anything else you need. The bullet journal is particularly popular because you have the creative freedom to do anything with it. The main event usually is planning, however, you can use it for drawing, for writing. You can customise it however you want.

It’s also a lot of work and that’s the reason some people fail to keep a bullet journal. You essentially create your own personal planner, instead of picking one up from the store. It can take a few hours to set up your bullet journal and have it ready for everyday use. Some people  (which is most if not all people that have a bullet journal) find the whole process interesting, relaxing and fun. It’s a creative process and it’s definitely very rewarding. 

And you don’t have to be an artist. Your bullet journal doesn’t have to be Instagramable, it just has to work for you. 

Having said that, a bullet journal would be a great opportunity to learn to draw some easy doodles. Some of which are included in the list bellow.

If you have been looking for some inspiration for your own bullet journal or are curious to see what you can see in a bullet journal, take a look at the ideas in the list. 

1. Creative Basics

A bullet journal usually starts with a key. It’s the first page of your journal and people tend to get quite creative with it. Check out the example bellow from Lisly’s World

Keys are essentially something called ‘rabid logging symbols’. They visually signal a note, task, important events, etc. They are the basic elements that can help you form a system. The keys depend on your personal need, of course.

It depends on what you use the bullet journal for. If you use it for work, you might wan have keys for ideas, project deadlines, meetings, etc. If you use it for uni, you might have assignment deadlines, required reading, exams, etc. You could have a combination of both if you need to track uni and work simultaneously. Decide what you want your bullet journal to contain and then think of keys you could use to make your journaling easier. 

2. Habit Tracker

Aside from planning, you can also use your bullet journal as a tracker. You can track your water intake, your mood, savings, or your habits. Bellow you see an example of a very tidy little habit tracker. You could use this to track running, meditation, journaling, or any other habit you want to build. And in the end, you’ll have a colourful page, which celebrates your progress. 

3. Instant Camera Drawing To Record Your Memories

As I said earlier, a bullet journal could be a great catalyst for improving your drawing skills. A bullet journal doesn’t have to be a work of art, although some are definitely very impressive. Having said that, as you look at beautiful bullet journals online you might be motivated to upgrade the aesthetic of your own bullet journal. 

This is one example of how you can do that. There’s loads of step by step drawing guides for doodles. This particular one will make a great drawing on a page you record your memories, travel log, etc.

4. A Cactus Always Brightens Up A Page

Another great doodle you could try out, which is quite simple and universal is a cactus. By simply drawing a cactus or two on the page, you immediately elevate your aesthetic. 

5. Ideas For Banners

If you are not into drawings, you could decorate your bullet journal with banners. Take a look at some ideas bellow. 

6. Cool Design For Your Watchlist

You could use your bullet journal for everything. A lot of people make lists of books to read or films to watch. And why not decorate the lists accordingly. A shelf of books where you can write down your tittles and a roll of film for your must see movies. 

7. Creative Wishlist

Another creative page you can add to your bullet journal is a Wishlist like the one bellow. Or get inspired and create your own. 

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8. Spice Up Your Watchlist With Doodles

Going back to drawings, here are some cute and easy film-related drawings you can add to your bullet journal. Popcorn anyone? 

9. Holiday Themed Mood Tracker

Mood trackers are really popular when it comes to bullet journals and this one is holiday themed. I bet your mood will get better just from looking at this colourful page. 

10. Weekly Planner

Weekly planners are some of the most popular pages in bullet journals. Most commercial planners come divided by weeks and the format really works. Therefore, it’s only natural that it will get transferred to bullet journals. With a bullet journal, however, you have the freedom to select a layout. And if you decide the layout doesn’t quite work for you, you can change it up. You can get some inspiration from the one imaged bellow. 

11. Creative Savings Tracker

Saving money doesn’t have to be boring. Take a look at this creative bullet journal page dedicated to savings. It’s a great way to motivate yourself as you watch the jar fill up. It’s much more practical than an actual jar, but you get the satisfaction of watching it fill up.

12. Keep Track Of Songs You Love

Another interesting idea you could try out is make a ‘playlist’ of songs. Songs someone recommended, your favourite artists, songs you need to listen to, etc. 

What would you have in your bullet journal? Share in the comments.

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Gery Galabova

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