15 Creative Ideas For Celebrating New Year’s Eve At Home

Proof that you don't have to go out to have a great time! We have pulled together a list of 15 ideas for celebrating New Year's Eve at home.

New Year’s Eve is definitely known as one of the biggest “party holidays.” But if you’re not a party person or you’d just rather spend the build up to the New Year at home, there are still tons of things you could do to make the night memorable! Here is a list of 15 creative ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve at home with your friends and family! You don’t have to go out to have a great time.

1. Snack Tray

Create a huge snack tray filled with all of your favorite fried foods and/or snacks.  Keep refilling it as the long night goes on, so you and your family/ friends can eat all night long.  The work outs and diets can start in the new year!


2. Karaoke

If you have speakers, a microphone, and a computer, this is such an easy way to have a fun New Year’s Eve. Whether you jam out to some Christmas songs, or the best pop songs of the year, karaoke is a great ice breaker and a fun way to get in a mix of seriously making music, or just messing around and being silly with friends.

3. Photo booth

Photo booths can be really easy to set up- all you need is some kind of backdrop, props, and a camera.  The backdrop could be something as simple as a table cloth hung from the ceiling, and the props could be something as easy to find as crazy scarfs or glasses.  If you’re looking to create more of a professional looking booth, special New Year’s Eve props can be found at many party stores, as well as online.  These usually consist of props that are customized to fit the coming year. Kids and teens always love things like this, and it’s a great way to document the evening.


4. Costume party

If you’re planning on inviting people over to your house for New Year’s, shake it up and require everyone wear a costume. It can pretty much be the Halloween party you never got to throw!

5. Themed Party

Any type of theme party would be tons of fun as well!  The decorations, food, music, and attire should all match this theme in order to make it legit.  A popular themed party for New Year’s Even seems to be Great Gatsby, but if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, try something humorous like a summer in December theme!


6. Game Night

This is a great option for families because it consists of playing everyone’s favorite games! Whether you decide to make it a board game night, a Wii game night, or maybe even a mix of the two, having a little friendly competition is always fun.


7. Movie Marathon

An easy way to stay occupied while waiting for the New Year is to watch a ton of movies! Depending on when you start, you could make it through the three Santa Clause movies, or even the majority of the Harry Potter series! I would suggest either watching all of the remaining Christmas movies you have yet to watch, or maybe even let each person in your friend group or family pick out one movie to watch that was their favorite of the year.

A movie marathon is one of many ideas for celebrating new year's eve at home!


8. Countdown Bags to Open Every Hour

I’ve never personally done this but I think it is such a cute idea! Make a bunch of small bags filled with goodies, and open one at each hour mark.  This would be a fun thing to do with kids as well as maybe with friends or a significant other, especially if the bags are filled with gifts. This keeps the night interesting and you always have something to look forward to while waiting for the ball to drop!

9. Create A Fancy Bar

If you’re into fancy alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks, making your own personal bar might be really fun!  Stock up on a ton of special ingredients to make luxurious drinks and then play bar tender for the night!


10. Dye or Cut Your Hair

The coming of the New Year has always been associated with changes and trying new things. If you’re looking to make a change, why not start a little early!  In the hour or so leading up to midnight, why not start the process of dying, cutting and/or restyling your hair!  If you really want that added dramatic and showy step, wait until exactly midnight for the reveal of the finished product.

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11. Dress Up

Getting fancy is just so fun, not matter who you are. Even if you’re staying home on New Year’s Eve, you can still break out the flashy dress and high heels!  If there will be kids at your “fancy party,” they can dress up nice, or they could even put on dress up clothes to be their favorite princess!  Any type of clothing you wouldn’t wear on a regular occasion would work for this!


12. Dance Party

If you’re looking for something that will guarantee to keep you awake just long enough to watch the ball drop before going to bed, this is your best option!  With the right equipment, any room in your house can be turned into a club.  Set up some colorful lights, preferably ones that flash, and blast some music through speakers and you have an instant rager!


13. Make a Giant Blanket Fort

This one is great for all ages. Gather up all of the blankets and pillows in your house and create a huge fort!  You can then bundle up in your comfiest PJs and lay down inside, ready to watch Christmas movies, read a book, talk for hours on end, or watch all of the festivities in Times Square.

14. Cook a Fancy Meal

If you’re not usually someone who cooks a lot, this might be the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!  Find the fanciest and most delicious sounding recipe either online or in a good old fashioned cook book, put on your chef’s hat and start cookin!


15. Sleep

This is the option for those of you who really could care less about the New Year. It’s just another night, so may as well go to sleep at a reasonable hour! See ya in 2019!

What are your ideas for celebrating New Year’s eve at home?  Are you going out or staying in?  Let me know in the comments below and then share this article with your friends!
Here are some fun ideas for celebrating new years eve at home!
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