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12 Creative Grilled Cheese Recipes You Never Thought Of Until Now

12 Creative Grilled Cheese Recipes You Never Thought Of Until Now

If you a love a good grilled cheese, you will love all of these different grilled cheese recipes! Who knew how many possibilities there were?

What’s more satisfying than a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch? How about a grilled cheese sandwich with multiple cheeses? Or chicken shawarma? Or miniaturised and floating around in a tomato soup? All of those are possible as well as many more if you just break down the barriers and reconsider what you can put in grilled cheese. Here’s twelve creative grilled cheese recipes that’ll help you do just that.

1. 3-Cheese Grilled Cheese

Let’s start off with something less radical. A three-cheese grilled cheese allows you to add more flavors to your sandwich than you’d get with just one cheese. The creative part of this recipe comes when you choose which cheeses to make it with. Recipes online show a wide variety of combinations from cheddar, Swiss and American to Gruyère, fontina and mozzarella to even cheddar, Monterey jack and cream cheese! Get some cheese, mix and match and see what you like!

2. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Starting out as both an Instagram and Pinterest sensation, this multicolored masterpiece soon became the talk of the town with recipes appearing in media outlets all over the internet. But just because it isn’t trendy anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. The recipe is actually quite simple to make. At its core, the rainbow grilled cheese is mainly cheese, bread and food coloring. But don’t shy away from taking yours to over-the-top levels of creativity. POPSUGAR’s recipe involves three cheeses (mozzarella, Gruyère and Swiss) on brioche bread and topped with rainbow sprinkles as a garnish. Now that’s what we call tasty! This is one of the most exciting grilled cheese recipes!


3. Bagel Grilled Cheese

Another wonderful creation from POPSUGAR! This recipe, at its core, is comprised of a bagel sliced in half, cheese placed on the top of the circular bread, then grilled. Like with the Rainbow Grilled Cheese however, it’s best to go over-the-top with this one. POPSUGAR themselves elevate this formula by using an everything bagel, mayonnaise and serving it with a side of cornichons. Just to get that NYC diner feel, I suppose. A marvellous recipe that bagel lovers everywhere should try!

4. Za’atar & Pesto Bagel Grilled Cheese

What happens if you take the above recipe and make it a heck of a lot more Middle Eastern? Luckily, the handy food blog What Jew Wanna Eat (get it?) has already answered that question for us. Their recipe for bagel grilled cheese includes the spice mix known as za’atar, which is popular in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and many more countries in that area. This is then mixed with Genoese pesto sauce to create a sandwich which just screams multicultural. If you want to taste Italy, Iraq and the U.S in one meal together, you have to try this innovative recipe. This is one of the most delicious grilled cheese recipes!

5. Grilled Cheese Waffle (with Avocado)

Continuing on this theme of using non-traditional breads, Tasty has managed to come up with a simple yet scrumptious new recipe for grilled cheese in a waffle maker! All you need to do is make waffles as usual but instead of taking them out when complete, you put the cheese of your choice on one half, fold it and press the lid down. It’s as easy as it is captivating. It is the true definition of what creativity looks like on a small scale.


6. Grilled Cheese Crouton Bites

Alright, let’s get crazy here. Let’s not just miniaturise the grilled cheese sandwich. Mini versions exist already. What if there were tiny grilled cheese bits that you could pour over a salad or in a bowl of tomato soup like croutons? If that just made your mouth water, then you’re in luck because Tori Avey‘s already done it. This recipe is not just unique, it is a complete reinvention of the sandwich. No longer will you dip your grilled cheese in soup, you can douse it! A brilliant idea for those looking for a little more fun with their lunch.

7. Grilled Mac & Cheese

This one might be stretching the definition of grilled cheese a bit. Although, it still is technically cheese between two slices of grilled bread. And at the Gunny Sack, they remedy any other problems by stacking the mac & cheese on top of more cheese, doubling the amount of cheese on the sandwich. Now does that sound great or what? This is absolutely one of the most delicious grilled cheese recipes!

8. Chicken Shawarma Grilled Cheese

Let’s travel to the opposite side of the world for this next recipe. On their website, Mina, a company that sells halal food products, offers the idea for a chicken shawarma variation on the typical grilled cheese sandwich. This idea involves the use of rye bread, two cheeses (cheddar and mozzarella), a “spicy Indian ketchup” as well as the chicken shawarma itself and it looks absolutely phenomenal. If you want more Mediterranean flavors or some South Asian spices, then this creative recipe is right for you!

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9. Cajun Grilled Cheese

Let’s go back to something a little more familiar, especially for those who live in Louisiana. This recipe from Spicy Southern Kitchen the classic ingredients of Cajun cuisine, namely Andouille sausages and French bread with the standard grilled cheese making process to produce a taste of New Orleans right from your kitchen, anywhere in the world. Nice!

10. Pimiento and Apple-Cherry Chutney

This sandwich wows whoever bites into it with Southern flavors, and unique Southern flavors as well! By mixing Pimiento cheese, sometimes referred to as the “Carolina caviar” or “Atlanta pâté” with apples, an uncommon but not unheard of ingredient in cheese sandwiches, Bon Appétit‘s recipe sets itself apart as one of the more interesting ones out there for this dish. Try it out at home and see for yourself if it tastes as unique as it sounds.


11. Smashed Avacado and Asparagus with Havarti

Consider this a sort of a health food that’s not technically a health food. It’s definitely made in that style though. Foodiecrush‘s avocado, asparagus and havarti cheese sandwich even comes stacked with whole wheat bread, making this more of a skinny recipe although not fully. It does use butter after all. Nonetheless, if you want your vegetable and avocado fix for the day, try this recipe out! This is one of the best grilled cheese recipes and a super healthy one too!

12. Lobster Grilled Cheese

Let’s end this list with a taste of Maine. This recipe, also from Foodiecrush, brings the classic New England lobster roll to new, buttery heights. Interestingly, it calls for the use of two cheeses’ (provolone & mascarpone’s) Wisconsin varieties as well as chili paste, giving the recipe a bit of Midwestern and Tex-Mex flavor. Call it an all-American grilled cheese if you’d like.

So what do you think of these grilled cheese recipes? Are you planning to make some of them? Would you like to review one? Leave your responses in the comments section down below!

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